After very difficult months, Michel Drucker recovered his form. Moreover, viewers are very happy to finally be able to find him in his famous red chair every Sunday on France 2. However, his operation and his revalidation were far from easy. Very grateful to those who cared for him, the facilitator was there with them a few days ago. While of course the operation was mentioned, the presenter was not lacking in humor. He did want to know if the nurses had taken the opportunity to look under his lab coat. Objeko returns for you on this sequence between laughter and tears.

Fans of Michel Drucker do indeed remember this awful announcement. Indeed, a few months ago, they learned that the famous host of France Télévisions had to be hospitalized urgently. Victim of a heart problem, a triple bypass surgery had thus become necessary. For long days, the presenter’s vital prognosis will even be engaged. From then on, the concern was obviously very great. Fortunately, over the months, the patient’s condition improved before Michel Drucker finally returned to the screen a few weeks ago.

However, the journey has been long and complicated. Well aware of having come close to disaster, Michel Drucker therefore wanted to thank those who saved his life. Present on May 28 at the Georges-Pompidou Hospital, Dany Saval’s husband then met the nurses and the teacher who took care of him. During this exchange, all subjects were raised even the most offbeat and the most humorous. Perhaps a way to play down the terrible ordeals through which Michel Drucker had to go. Objeko therefore comes back for you on this meeting which obviously took place in emotion, but also in good humor.

The event was eagerly awaited by the hospital staff of the Center Georges Pompidou. Indeed, after having been a patient of the establishment, Michel Drucker returned to the place to thank all those to whom he owes his life. The champagne was therefore served and everyone remembered those difficult times. Asked about his presence by journalists from Le Parisien, the host even seems moved: “We can’t imagine that I’m coming back from there. I suffered so much there “. Professor Albert Hagége also remembers the desperate state in which the presenter found himself.

The manager didn’t hesitate to congratulate him: “You have character, you. You are in better shape than before. The operation involved double-digit risk, which is a lot. We also talked about what to do in a vegetative state “. Because indeed, Michel Drucker went through what one might call the needle’s cat. Also, when he woke up, he no longer had any notion of time or the hour. It took him many days to regain his strength and realize the exact situation he was in.

During this meeting, Michel Drucker did not come empty-handed. Since he also gave the caregivers his recent autobiographical book titled It’ll Go Better Tomorrow. In these lines, the star of the small screen returns to this complicated course which he had to face. He therefore invites the reader to discover his daily life during the long months and the fight he had to fight. Michel Drucker also takes the opportunity to pay tribute to the nurses, orderlies, interns, and doctors who treated him. Without them, he would indeed no longer be there.

Very touched by this nice gift, the people present on site that day were very moved by this attention. Nevertheless, one of them took a closer look at some of the anecdotes cited by Michel Drucker in this memoir. Indeed, the star of Vivement dimanche wonders in her account if the nursing assistants would not have taken advantage of her weakness to look under her blouse at these hidden parts. One of the hospital staff responded very discreetly to this question. “We talked about it among us, but it’s still professional”. Michel Drucker therefore seems to have left an unforgettable memory at the hospital. Some people now have a perfect image of his whole person …

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