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“Michel Berger, a few words of love”, the documentary airing this August 4 on W9. Youthful loves with Véronique Sanson, maternal love with the mother of his children France Gall, Michel Berger is a lover of love. Feelings increased tenfold, and an infinite need for tenderness, certainly explained by the absence of his father during his childhood.

A professor of medicine specializing in nephrology, the artist’s father, Jean Hamburger had to undergo a major operation when his son was still very young. Refusing to be asleep during the operation, which he conducted himself, he then instantly lost his memory. A tragic event since he was unable to recognize his children and his wife after that.

Then lost in a family he no longer knew, little Michel’s father fled, without saying a word, never to return. Since then, the singer has had no sign of life. An abandonment which will therefore mark a trauma forever for Michel Hamburger, who will also become Michel Berger as a teenager, no longer to bear the name of his absent father.

A tragic story that nevertheless had a beneficial effect on the composer: to give him inspiration for his songs, and the strength to pass his first audition in 1963, at the age of 16. A successful audition, after which he signs a contract and records his first song. A decisive passage in his life that the documentary retraces in detail on August 4 at 9:05 p.m.

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