Eight years after the tragic skiing accident which plunged him into a coma for several months, the mystery remains on the state of health of Michael Schumacher, who now lives far from prying eyes. While a new documentary has just revealed a detail about this tragedy.

It is a detail which was decisive in the accident of Michael Schumacher. On December 29, 2013, at the dawn of his 44th birthday, the Formula 1 driver set out on an unmarked red track with his son during a family vacation in Méribel. Victim of a skiing accident, he was plunged into a coma for several months, with sequelae so severe that the doctors wondered if they were not irreversible. Eight years later, revelations are rare on the state of health of Michael Schumacher, kept away from prying eyes by his wife Corinna who makes it a point of honor not to leak any information. However, a documentary which will be broadcast on August 27 on RMC Story reveals a detail of his accident.

“It is the attachment of the GoPro which amplified his injuries, it is the fault of bad luck”, thus advances the Belgian journalist Ziv Knoll, while Philippe Streiff, a close friend of Michael Schumacher, explains that “his camera pierced the helmet”. “It caught his ski and it unbalanced him,” said Olivier Fourcade, ski instructor in Méribel, who was present during the accident. A small object that punctured the champion’s skull, leaving serious damage to his head. Falling onto a rock emerging from the snow while making a turn, Michael Schumacher fell severely on a rock below which shattered his helmet.

Aware despite the impact, the champion was quickly rushed to hospital before his health deteriorated rapidly. At the beginning of the evening, the doctors announce that he suffers a “head trauma with coma which required an immediate neurosurgical intervention”, then, an hour later, change version to announce that he is suffering from a hemorrhage. cerebral and that its vital prognosis is engaged. While nothing is filtering now on the state of health of Michael Schumacher, his relatives could soon give his news in a documentary which will be unveiled on Netflix next September.

Hello listen, it’s very very good that we can hear from m.shumacher because he was the best drivers in F1. On the other hand yes we should have more of his news because his fans like me it would be good to have died news to show him that we are behind him here is my comment. P.S it would be nice to know how his family are doing thank you !.

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