PSG would prepare for the possible departure of Kylian Mbappé at the end of the season. To fill the departure of the French, Leonardo would have ticked the name of Mohamed Salah to reinforce the Parisian attack. However, Paris will have a lot of work in this file, since Liverpool would consider submitting an XXL extension offer to the Egyptian star.

PSG are said to be preparing for all eventualities due to Kylian Mbappé’s uncertain future in Paris. The French world champion would still refuse to extend his contract with the club in the capital. A blow for the Parisian management, which could see Mbappé freely leave PSG at the end of the season. However, Leonardo would already be active behind the scenes to anticipate the departure of the French star. As revealed exclusively on, PSG would have made Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski its two priorities to replace Kylian Mbappé as it should. And Leonardo would even multiply the tracks, since the name of Mohamed Salah has recently been linked to Paris. The Parisian sports director will however have to redouble his efforts in this matter.

According to the Daily Mirror revelations, Mohamed Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, would have traveled to England on Saturday to negotiate a possible extension of the 29-year-old striker he represents. For now, Mohamed Salah is still under contract until June 2023 with Liverpool. However, the leaders of the Reds would not count for anything in the world to see the Egyptian leave, still sparkling during his team’s last outing at Watford. Thus, the Mersey club would be determined to offer a weekly salary of nearly € 593,000 to Salah, the biggest salary of the Liverpool workforce. An amount which could then oblige the PSG to also take out the checkbook in this file. However, according to some experts from across the Channel, nothing would be lost yet for Parisians …

At the microphone of Sky Sports, the famous English consultant Gary Neville shared his opinion on the Mohamed Salah file. For the former defender, the Egyptian would have his place in another European cador, including PSG: “I do not think he will stay in Liverpool for the rest of his career. This is my personal opinion. It has always been this opinion, but it could be wrong. I think Salah has to experience Real Madrid, the Bernabeu, Real Madrid are coming back. I know Barcelona are not very important at the moment. I think he must have this on his CV at the end of his career. He did an incredible job at Liverpool. I always thought he wanted a Paris Saint-Germain, a Real Madrid, a Barcelona and I think he will. But I could be wrong. “PSG would still have every chance to attract Mohamed Salah, despite Liverpool’s determination to keep their star. To be continued …

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