Now with a contract running until June 2024 at OM, Alvaro Gonzalez is a staple in the Marseille dressing room according to a member of Jorge Sampaoli’s staff. This confirms Pablo Longoria’s decision regarding the Spaniard’s continuity in Marseille.

Last May, after a season on loan and his first as a full OM player, Alvaro Gonzalez extended his contract at Olympique de Marseille until June 2024. A strong indication of the confidence placed within of the Spanish central defender although he was notably less in sight last season. However, whether it is with new recruits like Konrad de la Fuente or young people, Gonzalez knows how to supervise all these beautiful people according to The Team which relied on comments made internally to explain the strong role of Alvaro Gonzalez to OM as well as its extension.

For a member of Jorge Sampaoli’s technical staff, Alvaro Gonzalez is “a locker room executive, a guy who brings people together”. This weight he has in the privacy of the Marseille group was one of the reasons for his extension to OM according to Pablo Longoria, Gonzalez was so important internally. “It was a commitment that we had for quite some time. Respect for its performance, a sign of continuity too, for the workforce, the locker room needs to have stable benchmarks “. OM President told L’Équipe.

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