Recruited for 4.5M € this summer, Luan Peres was a choice of Jorge Sampaoli who had already attracted him to Santos in 2019. The OM coach is therefore a big fan of the Brazilian defender.

For the first transfer window at OM, Jorge Sampaoli was greedy, asking for many players to be able to set up his game plan. With this in mind, eleven players have arrived, several of whom have disembarked from North America. South, a region that Jorge Sampaoli knows by heart. This is how OM has for example recruited Luan Peres for € 4.5 million from Santos. It must be said that it is already the Argentine technician who attracted the central defender when he coached Santos in 2019.

Interviewed by So Foot, the Brazilian journalist Caique Stiva indeed reveals that Jorge Sampaoli particularly appreciates Luan Peres. “Luan Peres came because Sampaoli wanted him, because he saw him in this process. He has made a lot of progress, especially in his passing game. Luan often occupied the left side when needed, because he has defensive qualities, but also attacking. Even though he’s a defender, he knows how to attack, “he explains.

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