As expected in recent hours, Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku has signaled to his leaders his desire to return to Chelsea. A transfer is on track and could be negotiated up to 130 million euros!

Two years after his departure from Manchester United for Inter Milan, striker Romelu Lukaku (28) has decided: he wants to return to England, and more precisely to Chelsea, his former club (2011-2014).

Confirming the trend that has been emerging in recent hours, the Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio announces this Wednesday that the Belgian international has expressed to his leaders his desire to join the London club.

Due to their financial difficulties, decision-makers nerazzurri, who turned down a first Blues offer estimated at 100 million euros, should not oppose the departure of their star player, especially if the upcoming new proposal, estimated at 130 M €, arrived on their desk… Beyond the financial aspect (Chelsea offers him 12 M € of salary per year against 7.5 M € in Italy), the native of Antwerp, author of 64 goals in 95 matches with Inter, was above all convinced by sporting arguments according to Di Marzio.

Our colleague explains that the Red Devil has a real desire to take revenge after his first failed stint at Stamford Bridge. While the striker swore loyalty to the Nerazzurri a few weeks ago, the departures of Antonio Conte and Achraf Hakimi have also reshuffled the cards, with also the financial difficulties of the club which impact on the sporting ambitions. Conversely, by pulling out all the stops to seduce him, Chelsea is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions …

In this context, Di Marzio believes that this transfer is only a matter of time… To the dismay of the supporters of the reigning Italian champion… Already disappointed by the departure, for the moment not compensated, d ‘Hakimi at Paris Saint-Germain for € 71m this summer, the Curva Nord ultras have made it clear that they will not tolerate the sale of a second executive without prior guarantees. To express their dissatisfaction, the tifosi put pressure on the management by demonstrating in front of the club’s headquarters and by deploying a whole series of banners across the Lombard city.

“Leaders… be careful… promises must be kept. Any market operation must now, as agreed, aim to improve the group. It is unacceptable to cash in funds without investing properly. This applies to all players. We will not be led by anyone and we will act accordingly and in accordance with what was defined at the end of the season. We think that there is nothing else to add, ”notably warned the supporters. It will take more than the Duvan Zapata (Atalanta Bergamo) track, mentioned to succeed Lukaku, to calm their anger …

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