Although ASSE seems to need to be strengthened in the offensive sector, Claude Puel has nevertheless refused several profiles.

“I said it from the start, we have to face a delicate financial situation and I am not going to ask for things that are not achievable. If there is an opportunity, we will study it but I prefer to focus on the group that is at my disposal. “In recent days, Claude Puel has been quite clear about ASSE’s ambitions by August 31. And yet, the coach of the Greens could have seen some reinforcements land.

Indeed, according to information from BUT, the management of ASSE has offered several offensive profiles to Claude Puel like Valère Germain, free from any contract since his departure from OM, or Mostafa Mohamed, long hoped for. by the Greens during the winter transfer window. And yet, Claude Puel would have refused these two players. An astonishing choice given the fact that it is Wahbi Kahzri who evolves at the center-forward position and that Charles Abi and Jean-Philippe Krasso are the only other options in this position.

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