Present at a press conference this Friday, Karim Aribi, Algerian center forward of Nîmes Olympique, spoke of his aborted transfer to Esperance in Tunis.

“Before we started the season, I wanted to leave. When you are an Algerian international, you have to play to be seen and return to the selection, “said the 27-year-old forward in remarks reported by the Gazette de Nîmes.

Karim Aribi added: “There were complications during my transfer to Esperance from Tunis but there was never a medical problem as the club said. Once I landed in Tunisia, Esperance offered me a lower salary offer. I refused to negotiate under these conditions. “

“I had a lot of contacts in the East and in Africa but once I returned to Nîmes, I decided to stay. Today I am in the NO and working to earn my place. This year, I don’t want any problem, ”he announced regarding his future.

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