It was the surprise of the day, José Mourinho will be AS Roma’s next coach next season! Here is how this announcement could have an impact on the Marseille transfer window …

On Monday, José Mourinho was officially introduced as the next AS Roma manager after being fired from Tottenham. In recent days, however, it was Maurizio Sarri who was cited as the priority track to join the club from the Italian capital.

The # ASRoma è lieta di annunciare che José Mourinho sarà il nuovo Responsabile Tecnico della Prima Squadra a partire dalla stagione 2021-22!

The rumor of the Italian coach’s arrival was matched by rumors of Arek Milik being recruited. Indeed, several transalpine media claimed that the Polish international would come with the new manager whom he notably knew in Naples.

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On Monday, the Italian club announced that the next coach would be José Mourinho… Enough to extinguish the rumors sending Milik to Roma for the coming season but not to calm those which take him to Juventus.

During his last press conference, Pablo Longoria spoke about the Milik dossier. He insisted that the club still had control over this file, despite the rumors and information that have been appearing in the press for several weeks.

“We have control of Milik, he’s an OM player with a formula that would take me all day to explain. It’s a buy-in loan and payments that, if made, will make him an OM player. There is no possibility that he will return to Naples. To make decisions, you always need three people. The players have a lot of control over the situation, but we have to negotiate with us. In a market, there is always a possibility of a player in a major European club. There is no word given in the event of an offer from a big club. It’s always a matter of negotiations. The player’s intention is to extend to Marseille, where he is very happy “Pablo Longoria – Source: Press conference (04/28/21)

#Longoria: “Milik is fine with us, we are a big club. There are no words with him to let him go. The player’s will, in the conversations we had with him, he wants to stay in Marseille “#ConfOM #LiveFCM

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