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Since Metro Manila on Thursday the 16th </ "I received the guidelines on Monday evening and already yesterday morning, and of course all day today, our job is really to get this information out not only to the public but especially to the business establishments," Zamora said in one Interview with CNN Philippines early Wednesday morning.

“Yesterday morning I met with the managers of the shopping centers here in San Juan, mainly ch Greenhills Shopping Center, Promenade Theater Mall, and Santolan Town Plaza, and I’ve personally coordinated with them on the strict implementation I expect them to walk around these malls to put up stickers that indicate 100% fully vaccinated employees “He added.

The mayor said that with the new quarantine status, he had asked the San Juan City Council to hold a special session to lift the alcohol ban introduced in early August.

He added that all Guidelines for the new quarantine status will be published on his official Facebook account as well as on the San Juan Facebook page.

Zamora warned companies that do not adhere to the guidelines of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) that they should immediately shut down and even face jail terms, especially those who falsely claim that all of their employees are vaccinated, and those who do genes that allow more than the permitted indoor business capacity and 30 percent of the outdoor capacity.

He added that all San Juan local government units have been informed of the new quarantine status and assured the public that they will Implementation of guidelines and granular closures of areas with a high number of COVID-19 cases are ready. To date, there are 12 areas in San Juan that are granularly restricted.

Metro Manila’s new quarantine status was created to ensure proper health and safety protocols are being followed by the public to keep track of the number of COVID- 19 cases while giving the economy a chance to get going again.

The GCQ Alert Level 4 status in Metro Manila is valid until September 30th.

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