Matthieu Delormeau can no longer live in fear. On the Touche plateau not at my post, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, he revealed that he no longer went out without having a weapon on him. A way to feel protected.

Matthieu Delormeau is undoubtedly one of the columnists of Touche not at my post who has to face the many criticisms the most. On numerous occasions, he receives hate messages. He had left the program in part because of that. Only, he has decided not to agree with those who try to scare him. However, he never ceases to be touched when he sees the surge of hatred he can arouse on social networks. “The violence that it creates is mind-blowing, and yes it changes your life” he declared on Touche’s set, not at my post, Wednesday November 24, 2021. While he did not hide being afraid of the daily, he decided to protect himself. “You live in a kind of terror that before did not exist at all (…) we live differently,” he said.

Today, the columnist has changed several things in his everyday life. When he returns home, for example, he can go around several times to be sure that no one has followed him, or always check that the doors of the parking lot in which he is entering by car are turning behind him. But he also said he was armed. “I had a taser in my car, a gas … But it’s not me again, I don’t know how to use that, I think I wouldn’t even dare, I’m going to panic! And yes I have a weapon with me, all the time, all the time! So these are not firearms, but here it is … “, confided Matthieu Delormeau.

If he hopes that he will never need to use it, Cyril Hanouna’s accomplice feels reassured to have one on him. While he doesn’t regret being a part of the C8 troublemaker’s team, he has admitted that his life has changed completely.

let him shut his mouth if he doesn’t want to be threatened .. he freaks out on the set next to the villain .. well done

With his innuendo about insecurity, I’m sure he votes RN, but claims the opposite so as not to disappoint his employer, grand master hanouna. Like many elsewhere.

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