Ideally launched in his duel against the Wizards of Scott Brooks, Doc Rivers offers some playing time opportunities to the youth of the Sixers to rest the strong men of his rotation.

In addition to Matisse Thybulle who plays 17 minutes per game, the rookie Tyrese Maxey is also entitled to his ten minutes, almost as much as Shake Milton, sixth man in the regular season.

And the least that can be said is that the two do not disappoint. Still in his hyper defensive style, Thybulle is effective in slowing down Washington’s outer lines. Thanks to his qualities, Doc Rivers sees in him some of his former proteges.

“I do not know if I want Tyrese to watch Matisse a whole game to be honest” concedes the coach with humor. “Matisse is a lot like Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen in that he doesn’t follow the rules too much but he’s good enough to do it. He is given a lot of defensive freedom because he is able to make up for mistakes and do things that most players cannot, ”adds the Yahoo Sports coach.

With 3 interceptions and 3.5 blocks on average over the series, Thybulle has settled down comfortably in the rotation and he is full of praise for his rookie in the Sixers Wire columns. “This is really our mission. He brings it offensively and I’m supposed to bring it defensively. Being able to do what he does at this level while being this young says a lot about who he is and who he will become. “

Both substitutes, the two players spend a lot of time together. What to develop a reciprocal friendship. “We like each other. The funny thing is when one of us does something the other is an expert on. One is happy for the other in these cases. We’re going to talk about his blocks until the next game just like we’re going to discuss the layup I scored on one of his assists. It’s cool to be able to play with each other and grow together. »Adds the defender.

Three years younger than Thybulle, Maxey is trying to add more than points, and he tries to emulate his older brother in his own half. “He’s always good on the floor. I want to try to do some of his stuff because I know how strong he is defensively. “

Often featured on Matisse Thybulle’s vlogs during the Orlando bubble, Tobias Harris relishes the evolution of his young teammates. “I see two young players who are taking full advantage. Matisse has set the tone in defense as Tyrese looks already ready. At one point in Game 1, he comes in and scores a basket plus the foul. I was there telling myself that he made one of the toughest baskets of the game but he doesn’t even know it. He works every day and he takes advantage of the moment. “

To see if the two will stay forever in Pennsylvania but with them two plus Isaiah Joe and Paul Reed, Philly has a youth that makes Tobias Harris happy. “Both do a great job. Sometimes they play with Isaiah Joe, Paul Reed and Tuck (Rayjon Tucker) and when I see them I think the next 3-4 years are looking bright. These guys are going to be smart players who are going to help us out and that’s the key to our team and this franchise. “

Between youth to develop and confirmed players, Philadelphia has found the right mix to go to the end.

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