Derby defeated City 1-0 in the second leg on Carrow Road.
– Photo credit: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd.

Swansea City’s win over Millwall means Norwich City’s promotional party has been put on hold, but they face Derby County today in hopes of getting one step closer.

A win in the Pride Park would have been enough to ensure an immediate return at the highest level provided both Swansea and Brentford lost points. The Swans victory at lunchtime means the Canaries will have to wait.

The pre-game press conference by Daniel Farke was dominated by questions related to their upcoming promotion. The City boss tried to make sure the heads stayed focused despite the positive state of the leaderboard.

City beat Huddersfield Town 7-0 in the middle of the week in an impressive performance in which Teemu Pukki scored a hat trick and impressed Emi Buendia .

Wayne Rooney’s Derby County continues to look over his shoulder as relegation remains a very real possibility.

The Manchester United legend scored his last professional goal when the Rams scored a 1 at Carrow Road in October : Scored 0 victory. Now he’s in the dig, hoping to score enough points to keep them in the championship.

City will advance to 90 points with a win – a goal Farke has claimed would be enough to make an automatic Ensure transportation.

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