A brilliant idea that sounds like a terrible confession. The MP for Marseille, Alexandra Louis, from the Agir movement, a movement close to La République en Marche (LREM), proposes to systematize the redistribution of seized goods to benefit the most deprived populations as well as the police. . “Traffic money is 10 to 15 million euros per month in Marseille. These millions go mainly to Marbella or Morocco, escaping solidarity when they could finance it directly tomorrow, ”explained the nation’s elected representative to our colleagues in the Journal du Dimanche on Saturday August 28th.

Alexandra Louis therefore intends to act on the economic factor “[…] by now systematically seizing criminal assets and by redistributing the fruits of seizures to the local associative fabric […] in a simplified, extended and systematized framework: the” seizure-redistribution “” , she says. An idea full of common sense for poor populations who could thus benefit from support for their habitat, for their purchasing power, but which also includes support for the police. Is this an admission on the part of an elected official who recognizes a lack of resources for law enforcement? An admission of the weakness of the state? A government security failure?

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