Dr Helmut Marko keeps the pressure on Max Verstappen, having correctly predicted that the Dutchman would take pole position on his circuit on Saturday.

The Red Bull official says he was amazed by the atmosphere of Orange Armuy in Zandvoort.

“What I experienced on Friday and Saturday is truly incomparable. I don’t remember having experienced such an atmosphere in Formula 1.”

“I am very happy for the fans that Max lived up to their expectations. They also behaved respectfully towards Hamilton.”

“Hats off to the Dutch for what they’ve accomplished here, with the bankings and everything. I can’t remember anything like it in the last ten years.”

Marko had therefore predicted that Verstappen would win pole position as well, but he succeeded with an extremely slim margin over title rival Lewis Hamilton.

“He was calm and did his qualifying very professionally. In the end it was closer than we wanted, but pole position is pole position. We have to finish the job now: for Max, for us and for the fans !”

Soon it should therefore be confirmed that the Mexican will start from the back of the grid, possibly even from the pits.

Ref: https://motorsport.nextgen-auto.com