Marion Rousse is a thrilled and fulfilled woman. She is surrounded by the two men in her life, including her son Nino and her companion Julian. In love and proud of the latter, the young sportswoman made him a tender statement on Instagram.

Their fans all know that already. Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe are very much in love with each other and support each other in everything they do. The 30-year-old did not fail to congratulate her sweetheart once again for his victory at the World Cycling Championships â ???? 1 year ago ?? ?.

Marion Rousse has known men in her life. Like the French cyclist Tony Gallopin, with whom she has had a romance for more than 10 years. Married in 2014, the couple decided to end their relationship years later.

It was after her separation with the member of the AG2R Citroën team from 2018 to 2021 that the sportswoman met Julian Alaphilippe. Together, they gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Nino on June 14, 2021.

Very present on social networks, especially on Instagram, the two lovebirds like to share pictures of their son on their respective accounts.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, for example, Marion Rousse posted a series of photos of her little family on Instagram. Images that have marveled her community, in particular by discovering the pretty face of her baby.

But if they were very happy to see the complicity of the happy parents who lovingly nurse their child, one detail in particular caught their attention. This is the pacifier that the cyclist wears on one of her fingers like a ring.

â ???? The lollipop ring, every mom’s secret weaponâ ????, â ???? Beautiful ring, always have one in the bag just in case â ??, â? ??? This ring is worth gold ???,

But if she gives all her attention and love to her son, Marion Rousse does not neglect her darling either. She is still very much in love with him and supports him in everything. The proof ? The 30-year-old did not forget to congratulate him again on his victory at the cycling world championship which took place on September 27, 2020.

â ???? 1 year of ð ?????? Good, less good but always with the Arc-en-ciel heart ð ?????? â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? ð ???? ¤ð ?????? ð ????? ? â ????, Â

A tender statement that touched the heart of the man in his life. The latter has also reacted in the comments bar by leaving three emojis in the shape of a heart â ???? â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? â? ? ¤ï¸ ?? â ????.

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