Ubisoft has revealed that Mario Raving Rabbids: Sparks of Hope will arrive on Switch in 2022 and will take the plumber on an intergalactic adventure, set in the Super Mario Galaxy universe.

Mario’s most famous “plumber” in the world. That’s it, yes (take the tone of Thierry Lhermitte in Father Christmas is a junk). Who ever saw him with an adjustable wrench in his hand? Or even with what to redo the joints of the bathroom? On the other hand, when it comes to recreation, there are lots of people there: soccer, tennis, karting, golf and even participation in the Olympic Games! So when we are told that he is going into space with his friends the Raving Rabbids, we are no longer surprised at anything.

And since the mustached Nintendo doesn’t do anything like everyone else, he is affording the luxury of announcing his next collaboration with Ubisoft thanks to two trailers for the price of one. Like its predecessor, Mario Raving Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Sparks of Hope will be a tactical shooter, in the same vein as the X-COM series, but in a much more accessible version.

Regarding the context of the game, while Kingdom Battle takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, Spark of Hope offers an intergalactic adventure. Mario and his friends will be joined by Sparks, who are bunny versions of Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. We don’t expect a Christopher Nolan scenario, but Nintendo and Ubisoft have teased a few surprises (including a Raving Rabbit disguised as a Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 Remake) and allowed us to discover the early parts of the story thanks to to a first trailer (above) dedicated to the history of the game.

As for the gameplay, the formula is changing a bit, since we are leaving the box-by-box movement of the previous game, for more free movement. As for the Sparks, they will be invaluable allies, and will give your group unique elemental abilities and special attacks that you can use in combat. The gameplay video revealed by Ubisoft (below) also suggests possibilities for synergies between the characters.

In order to stop Cursa, the big bad of the game, Mario and his team will be able to use new weapons, since he now wields two pistols and Luigi uses a bow. Trailer that demonstrates the shooting skills of the Mario brothers, whose military past we increasingly suspect. The player will be able to choose from nine different characters for their team, which can be upgraded to make them more effective in combat.

If the first Mario Raving Rabbids: Kingdom Battle game was flawed on many points, it still found its audience (nearly 8 million copies sold). Indeed, the characters and the graphic style of the game did not seem to agree with the proposed strategic gameplay, but the title was still a lot of fun. Sparks of Hope seems to be putting all the odds in its favor to improve the formula of the original game, and return to success once again. Mario Raving Rabbids: Sparks of Hope will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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