Politics Marine Le Pen wants to include national preference in the Constitution

PROPOSAL The leader of the RN wants to vote by referendum on this founding proposal of her political party

Like her father, and as in the 2017 election, “national preference” will be a key point in Marine Le Pen’s campaign. The 2022 presidential candidate indicated
during an interview on Europe 1 that if she was elected, she would organize a referendum to enshrine her in the French Constitution. First defended by the National Front, then by the National Rally, the national preference, now renamed “national priority” by the far-right party, consists in reserving advantages for people with French nationality over foreigners. .

Asked about French sovereignty in the face of European texts, Marine Le Pen said on the radio that if “case law tends to become abusive and contrary to the will of the French”, it is because “in the Constitution there is no has almost nothing on nationality, there is almost nothing on the status of foreigners ”. We must therefore “fill this gap”.

The president of the National Assembly assured that part of this referendum would be “constitutional on immigration”. She then explained that this inscription in the Constitution “will not make the international texts which are contrary disappear but that will make them inapplicable in French internal law”.

For her, “the main problem is really the immigration problem. It is on this subject of immigration that case law, quite often moreover than international texts, and sometimes abusive case law, have deprived the French and the public authorities of the possibility of acting “.

To illustrate her point, Marine Le Pen has, as she has done for 10 years, took the example of the Monegasque Constitution which “implements the national priority, even if it is not national on this subject [of immigration ] ”She noted, a text in which“ foreigners obviously have access to the defense of all their private and public rights except those reserved for nationals ”.

The Constitution of the Principality of Monaco provides that “foreigners in the Principality enjoy all public and private rights which are not formally reserved for nationals. “It stipulates in particular that” priority is given to Monegasques for access to public and private jobs “.

His statements come when one of the vice-presidents of the RN, Steeve Briois, will have to answer in court for “complicity in public provocation to discrimination” for having prefaced a guide which recommended to the elected officials of his party to apply the “preference national ”in terms of housing.

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