Chopsticks in hand, Marine Le Pen hits the beat during a photo shoot, a shot that was selected by our colleagues from Point to illustrate their article on the presidential candidate and her projects. Smiling and cheerful, the president of the National Rally (RN) poses behind a battery in a friend’s house near La Trinité-sur-Mer in Brittany, with in the background a library filled with books, some of which have questioned by Internet users. If recently Marine Le Pen was afraid of being assimilated to Éric Zemmour and his vision of Islam, it could be that what she thought was a stunt is rather a blow to the rest of her journey. towards the Elysee.

Is there anyone on his communication team who had the presence of mind to tell him to remove the book with the big head of the mustache?

Following the publication of the photo by Le Point, Internet users had fun zooming in on the library behind Marine Le Pen, and what they discovered caused controversy. the presence of mind to tell him to remove the book with the big mustachioed head? “tweeted a Twitter account, followed by 12,000 users, regarding one of the books with Hitler’s face. “It’s not just the mustache,” replied a tweeter claiming that the other book is the diary of Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in the service of the Third Reich. “When you are at the head of a political party created by Pierre Busquet (former SS), that you are known for your anti-Semitism …. You avoid showing this kind of reading in your communication”, tweeted another user . A cliché that could be costly to Marine Le Pen who was in the lead in the polls for the first round of the presidential election …

Among the 22 measures for 2022, “some will surprise you. “To fight the battle of 2022, @MLP_officiel will break free from the National Rally. Pre-entry confidences. @GeWoessner