For a long time the politico-family business Le Pen prospered without competition for its market share. Any dissent quickly turned into bankruptcy and if we kept an eye on the Dupont-Aignan “niche”, it was not without malice as it seemed to be true. © that it lowered the scores of the Gaullist right.

But now, with Eric Zemmour in the process of prospecting a clientele where the FN reigned supreme, a certain concern is emerging as his speech on a France in the process of “committing suicide” for having dealt too much with immigration, Islam, cosmopolitanism and Europeanism speaks to the minds and hearts of an electorate the penist, confused by the efforts of her eponymous “leader” to finally break through this famous “glass ceiling” which always sees her doomed to a defeat in the second round.

The fact that Eric Zemmour, now tested by the pollsters, bites just as much on the right-wing electorates as on the extreme right is just that. A small consolation: a qualification in the second round can be played very little.

To loosen the grip, and conquer new political spaces, Marine Le Pen has therefore chosen the slogan “Liberty, cherished liberties”, an attempt to embody a presidential figure who would not be reduced to nationalism alone (“Yes to France” in 2012), or to protest populism (“In the name of the people” in 2017.)

We understood that it was a question of echoing the demonstrations of the moment, but also those of yesterday around the roundabouts, where they castigated “Authoritarianism” of the president in place and his arsenal of “liberticidal” measures, starting with the vaccine constraint.

But tens of thousands of people who week after week (always the same) chant anachronistic slogans (at best), all the more virulently as they actually use and abuse it. ??? a freedom to demonstrate without commensurate with what is happening outside France, while benefiting from a media echo confusing visibility and representativeness, ç This did not make a country on the verge of falling into dictatorship, at least for common sense.

Moreover, Marine Le Pen in the spirit of “freedoms” can just as discard those of her voters who have a selective conception of freedoms. The disadvantage is also to scramble the anti-liberal message that Marine Le Pen has been working since 2017 to disseminate among her voters to whom she would like to add those of Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon.

Because if we are talking about “freedom, cherished freedom” (a line from the last verse of the Marseillaise) then we must be consistent and stick to all of them. freedoms, not only civil, political but also economic. Marine Le Pen thought it useful to specify very quickly that freedom “is not license, nor anarchy”, no doubt that it will be brought about. © e in the weeks to laborious explanations of text.