Monday, October 11, 2021, in L’Instant De Luxe, Marie-Anne Chazel did not wish to confide in the subject of her relationship with Christian Clavier. After thirty years spent together, and years of rupture, the actress wants to turn the page.

It is a cinema couple that is now a thing of the past. Marie-Anne Chazel and Christian Clavier lived a long love affair between 1971 and 2001. In 1983, they had a daughter: Margot. If they never married, they certainly marked the existence of the other. And that was what mattered … “We were never married. He proposed to me twice, I said no twice. Maybe I was wrong at the time, I don’t know. What I saw about marriage didn’t make me want to get married. The people around me were not good examples, I found that they weren’t necessarily together for the right reasons “, we had entrusted in 2017 the actress revealed in the troop of Splendid.

From this breakup, she struggled to recover. Deeply hurt, Marie-Anne Chazel had to relearn to live alone, to lead a daily life on her own. The actress had to tame the loneliness. “I grew a lot thanks to this experience. At first, obviously, I was destroyed and it took me a while to bounce back. I had never lived alone. I had to do a lot of work on myself. to get to know me “.

Filled in the arms of businessman Philippe Raffard, she now wants to turn the page of the thirty years spent with Christian Clavier. The actress star in particular seen in Les Bronzés and The Visitors wants to leave this story behind her and even not to speak about it any more … If she wants to be reassuring by explaining that she always maintained “very good relations” with the father of her girl, she doesn’t want to hear from him anymore. Guest of L’Instant De Luxe, on Non Stop People, Monday, October 11, 2021, the actress dismissed the subject out of hand: “I’m not interested in talking about it”. She concluded on a positive note. “My life is elsewhere now, with Philippe!” An excellent justification.

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