Marc Lavoine expected anything but 2021 to end so badly. Line Papin seems to flee him like the plague!

Marc Lavoine has been in love with Line Papin for five years. And the converse seemed so true. Anyway, when Objeko tells you all about the twists and turns of this relationship, you’re going to fall backwards. It is worthy of a melodramatic film or series script. Either way, to fully understand the intricacies that prompted the writer to file for divorce, you have to hear the two sounds of bells. So here we go, hang in there, the editorial staff is entering a zone of turbulence.

At the time, France Inter gave Marc Lavoine a Carte Blanche. In fact, on his show, he receives the guests he wants, as long as he justifies his choice to listeners. That day, when he told them about the book L ’* nvie by Line Papin, it was a thunderclap… pink! “I encountered my own symptoms, a loneliness, a form of maladjustment to the world, and the violence of a love that cannot be shown. This book woke me up. ” During this incredible exchange, we feel that something is being born, but we do not know exactly what. Behind the scenes, after several texts in the middle of the night, the young woman agrees to see him again. And this impression of a tsunami sweeping away everything on its landscape is confirmed! She is going to confide in him her demons that she has never revealed other than through the pen. As for him, he finds himself so much in his suffering.

A few years after this love at first sight, the couple said yes! Fortunately, the Paris-Match photographers were there to immortalize the great event. Indeed, it makes memories for fans of Marc Lavoine. To think he divorced his second wife and faced the disapproving eyes of his children! In fact, at first, he brushed aside criticism of his age difference with the woman of letters. Who are they to make such shortcuts. Unfortunately, a year later he has to face the facts. All of his troublemakers were right. Often “absent” due to work, the singer does not have the same hobbies as his wife. So even when he’s there, the chemistry of the early days seems far behind. A ditch is widening between the two cakes.

Our colleagues from Closer have just unveiled exclusive information. If Line Papin decided to give Marc Lavoine an ultimatum, it is not at all because of his professional activities. No, on the contrary, she respects that. She is a popular novelist for her p * ing books! However, at the age of twenty-five, the young woman’s biological clock is reasoning that of her husband has been extinct for a long time. At first, it’s just a vague idea. Little by little, the demand is insistent. And for the former juror of The Voice, it is out of the question. He’s stronger than him, he can’t “project himself into building a family”. More than a shock, it is a “break”. Decision is made to move while waiting for someone to put water in the glass of wine. Is this going to happen?

Finally, Line Papin has not finished her list of grievances against Marc Lavoine. While he was the first to boast of having a talented wife, he would not have accompanied her at all when promoting his latest work. Which is deeply unfair! Besides, one is entitled to wonder if the title of this famous book is not indicative of what is going on behind the scenes?

At the moment, Line Papin has a series of book fairs and other shows. Thanks to social media, Objeko realizes that she is trying to turn the page by devoting herself like never before to her work. But seeing how much she loves what she does, she seems to have found her way back to happiness. As proof, the photo above is bright. But don’t count on her to comment on his insistent divorce rumors from Marc Lavoine. Who knows, maybe in a future book, we will have the answer to all our questions! Case to be continued …

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