Marc Lavoine is being talked about not only for the little crisis he is supposed to be going through with Line Papin, his wife for a year, but also for his cracking in public. It was on a TV show.

That day, the father of four was surprised by his older brother in a program presented by Alessandra Sublet, on TF1.

While performing La famille du Père Noël, a success by Jacques Dutronc, Marc Lavoine discovers his older brother Francis in front of him, whom he has not seen for several months. He bears a certain resemblance to the artist, who paid tribute to him.

“He really made my musical, musical, artistic, human education. He took me everywhere, he taught me everything, “he proudly revealed to Alessandra Sublet.

And as Télé Star recalls, the one who would be separated from Line Papin would have crushed a tear.

This sequence was broadcast in Duos Mystères on August 20 on TF1.
This is not the first time that Marc Lavoine has cracked in public, it was already the case when he officiated as a coach in The Voice on TF1. Its reactions are mocked by Internet users.

“Marc Lavoine is truly a Queen drama,” he commented.
“I’m sorry, but Marc Lavoine he abuses crying all the time”. And another called it ridiculous.

But the comments weren’t always negative, far from it.
“Why does it shock so many people that Marc Lavoine is emotional? Seriously, do you think celebrities are robots? A real good person! That’s it, “commented a fan of the TF1 show. “Marc Lavoine, what a man, he has a big heart”.

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