The finale of The Voice made some disappointments. If Marghe won to the delight of her fans, others lamented not seeing Jim Bauer crowned talent of the year. It must be said that this one had marked the spirits thanks to its very original covers of Tata Yoyo of Annie Cordie or Aline of Christophe. An artistic fiber that probably comes from his famous parents, since it is the fruit of the love affair between singers Axel Bauer and Nathalie Cardone. A lineage that he first tried to keep in silence, so as not to be categorized by viewers. “When I agreed to do the show, which I turned down for 10 years, they played the game of not making me come across as ‘the son of’ and not making it clear. It was important that I am a candidate like the others and that my parents are not involved in this story, “revealed the candidate to the Parisian. But it is difficult for those around him not to associate him with his parents. Especially for Marc Lavoine, his former coach.

Invited on the airwaves of RFM this Saturday, May 29, Line Papin’s companion underwent a blind test. And it is clear that he knows Nathalie Cardone’s repertoire rather well! Indeed from the first notes of Hasta Siempre, he hastened to give the correct answer. He also took the opportunity to share an anecdote about the singer, but also to address a thought to his former foal from The Voice.

PHOTO Kim Glow burns the Web in a bikini that hides almost nothing Sophie Davant: this big blunder at the Telethon which earned her the anger of a mayor PHOTO Laure (Married at first sight 5) pregnant with Matthew: she makes revelations about the baby’s first name Prince William “prisoner of the monarchy”? Prince Harry’s accusations denied Joyce Jonathan makes rare confidences about his break-up with Thomas Hollande

Thursday May 27, Lily-Rose Depp blew out her 22 birthday candles. The young actress shared on Instagram, Friday, May 28, 2021, photographs of the event. Fans loved it!

Camille Lacourt had officially presented his partner on his Instagram account in April 2019. More than a year later, in December 2020, the couple announced that they were expecting a child. And on May 28, 2021, Alice Detollenaere posted a photo of her last pregnancy moments on Instagram.

The daughter of the American author, Michael Lewis, died this Friday, May 25. She died in a car accident. She was 19 years old.

The Ministry of Labor published a study on Friday on the effects of the health crisis on the working conditions of French employees. Main lesson: the crisis has led to a deterioration in working conditions for more than 40% of workers. But differences are observable according to the sectors.

This Friday, May 28, singer Patxi Garat, discovered by the general public in 2003 in the third season of Star Académy, is back with the album En Basque after nine years in the shadows (or almost). He tells us more about this project but also about his work in recent years.

Invested with a new mission in the name of the monarchy, Prince William went to Scotland, where a meeting with a politician was organized this Thursday, May 27.

In the story of her Instagram account, this Friday, May 28, Agathe Auproux spoke of her long fight against cancer. His scar, linked to the removal of his catheter, represents a true symbol.

Many players of the France team will be supported by their companions. Of the 26 players selected, fifteen are officially a couple. Here is a staff review.

It was thought to be extinct forever: researchers have just confirmed that the giant tortoise found in 2019 on Fernandina Island does indeed belong to the species Chelonoidis phantasticus, the last specimen of which was recorded in the Galapagos in 1906. The University of Yale released the results of the genetic analysis of the turtle and confirmed that its DNA matches that of the 1906 specimen. George, the last representative of Chelonoidis abingdoni, had died without offspring in 2012 due to failure to s ‘mate with females of similar species.The giant tortoise Chelonoidis phantasticus is endemic to Fernandina, an uninhabited 638 km2 island of the Galapagos, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean renowned for its unique flora and fauna. Of the fifteen species of giant tortoise endemic to the Galapagos, two are extinct and twelve are threatened with extinction (the fifteenth has not yet been officially described). The approximately 100-year-old female turtle now lives in a breeding facility on Santa Cruz Island after scientists have determined that she does not have enough food in the area where she lives. Another expedition is already scheduled to Fernandina Island to search for other specimens. If this were the case, it would be possible to consider a reproduction: the turtle can live up to 200 years, so that still leaves good years to our centenary turtle.The turtle found two years ago on Fernandina Island from the Galapagos Islands archipelago (Ecuador) is a species of Chelonoidis phantasticus. © The Gardian

In a new interview, journalist Anne Sinclair confides in the many twists she has experienced in recent years. She makes rare confidences about her life as a mother.

Jean-Luc Romero celebrated a sad birthday this Saturday, May 29, since it is the three years since the death of Christophe Michel. For the occasion, he shared a touching message on his Twitter account.

A burning container ship threatens the coast of Sri Lanka with catastrophic pollution. In addition to the oil on board the ship, a cargo of plastic began to spill into the ocean.

For over thirty years, Yvan Le Bolloc’h has shared his life with Noushka. But who is the mother of the comedian’s children?

Uncompromising in the midfield, N’Golo Kanté was elected man of the match in the Champions League final won on Saturday by Chelsea against Manchester City. Omnipresent and irreproachable, the inexhaustible French international midfielder N’Golo Kanté signed a new recital on Saturday, May 29 in Porto to offer Chelsea the Champions League trophy, one of the few that was still missing from his wide track record. . A few weeks before the Euro (June 11 – July 11) with the France team, Kanté finished a first marathon: cutting edge in the middle of the field, often precious during the offensive rises of the “Blues”, the pocket midfielder (1.68 m) was one of the base men of this long-awaited coronation, the second in Chelsea history, and of the superb season for Londoners. As usual, the 2018 world champion, ” favorite “of the French, much appreciated for its simplicity and shyness, was everywhere on the ground of the Dragon stadium on Saturday evening. At the end, he was voted “man of the match”. At the break, he was already the player who had run the most, with 6.16 kilometers swallowed and 24 high-intensity races accumulated in the first period. Returning from the locker room, he returned to the pitch with increased desire and remarkable defensive action on a threatening free kick from Mancuniens, to set the pace for his teammates. Tuchel did not have to worry about possible infiltrations after the exit on injury of Thiago Silva (touched the adductors at half an hour of play), so much Kanté has multiplied the balls stolen in the midfield. The perfect illustration was his incisive tackle on Kevin de Bruyne in the 52nd as he approached the area of ​​Edouard Mendy, or this hot ball tackled in front of his area in the feet of Riyad Mahrez in stoppage time, his great specialty.A contribution that is both offensive and defensive Even if he did not participate in the construction of the goal of Kai Havertz (42nd), Kanté still split a few offensive actions that could have been crucial: the a small midfielder was particularly successful in the air at the far post, between two defenders “citizens”, at the start of the match (17th), but he did not frame his head. A few minutes earlier (12th), he had been served in the box by Timo Werner, but had missed his control. And just before the break (37th), Kanté scratched a ball in his own half of the field to afford a crazy ride into the opponent’s area, before shifting Havertz to his right, who lost control of the ball. So come to an end of the season without having once found the net with Chelsea … but with an indispensable sympathy and presence. “It’s incredible. It is the result of a lot of effort. It (his title of ‘man of the match, Editor’s note), it’s secondary. The main thing is the work of a whole group, it’s pride, joy, “Kanté reacted on RMC Sport on Saturday night.” He is incredible this guy “Injured with an adductor muscle in mid-May during the penultimate day of the English championship, eleven days ago, Kanté had not participated in the defeat against Aston Villa (2-1) on Sunday in the league, but he held his rank on Saturday night for this unmissable poster.It was one of the rare absences of the player born in the peaceful city of Rueil-Malmaison – he missed 10 matches this season, including 4 only due to injury – in the Geraniums district, and who gradually climbed all the levels of the continent to afford this first European coronation. “It is huge. . I don’t know what to say, he is amazing this guy. He runs everywhere, he makes differences, he creates breaches … With him, we have the impression of being 12 in the field, “praised Olivier Giroud on RMC Sport. Flaming when the level rises, Kanté had already been brilliant in the semi-finals, twice elected man of the match in the first leg and in the return against Real Madrid. “‘NG’ is used to a very high level, he had some physical problems too. It doesn’t save itself, it’s not a robot either. Even when the result of his team is almost certain, that does not prevent him in the last minutes from making the same efforts. It’s NG, he’s like that, I’m not going to change him, “confided Didier Deschamps in March. A new lesson in envy and football which should give the Blues coach a smile a few days before the opening of The Euro: Kanté will continue to multiply to help the Blues, after the “Blues”, to get the title at the Euro. With AFP

In a documentary which will be broadcast this Saturday, May 29 in England, we learn that the Queen Mother did not want to see her daughter, Elizabeth II, marry Prince Philip. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon would have preferred to see her daughter marry a grenadier guard or an English aristocrat.

Passing through the Jordan de Luxe show on Non Stop People, Frédéric Zeitoun told of a mishap that recently happened to him while he was traveling as part of a shoot for Télématin. He took the opportunity to send a message to the authorities.

“We are learning to love life again”: in Gaza, for the first Friday after the entry into force of a truce with Israel, many residents came to enjoy the beaches.

EPIDEMIC – In Toulouse, indicators show that the virus is still present at a fairly high level in wastewater, yet other indicators show that it circulates less

An investigation published by the magazine Society lifts the veil on the little unsuspected nudges, brought by the production of Koh-Lanta, to the adventurers when they are on the camp.

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