It would really be the relationship of Marc Lavoine and his attractive wife, Line Papin, less than a year after their union celebrated intimately in Paris. “An express divorce”.

The end of their beautiful story is fed by Ici Paris, which confirms a revelation from the magazine Here this summer. They would no longer live under the same roof.
Closer also fueled serious marital dissension and claims that an irreconcilable dispute has won the day for the couple.

“At the beginning of August, just days before his wife’s birthday, Line flew to Italy, and Marc celebrated his 59th birthday alone. At the same time, the novelist had removed her wedding ring, ”reports Ici Paris.
Line Papin would have even already left the marital home.

These frictions would not be due to the absence of the coach of The Voice, who multiplied the projects … “When Line would have expressed his desire to have a child, Marc would have looked gray,” indicates the weekly.

At only 25, his request was obviously legitimate. But Marc Lavoine already has four children. At nearly 60, he wouldn’t be welcoming a new toddler.

From their wedding, in an interview with Paris Match, which revealed some private photos, the young bride spoke of the possibility of having a taste of motherhood. Marc Lavoine would therefore not have been taken by surprise.

“Getting married is bringing together two families, with their two strong histories, and it is also to found one,” said the one who was immediately accepted by her stepchildren.

“They come to live with us from time to time. I’m just happy to know them, ”she said.

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