The demonstrations of rejoicing to celebrate the fall of Alpha Condé continue in Upper Guinea, the traditional stronghold of the former Guinean head of state ousted from power last weekend. After Kankan and Faranah earlier this week, it is Mandiana who celebrates the coming to power of the soldiers of the CNRD (National Committee of Rally and Development). Yesterday, Friday September 10, 2021, young people from the urban municipality of Mandiana and surrounding communities took to the streets to express their joy at the change at the top of the state and to solemnly announce their support for the CNRD. They took this opportunity to ask the new authorities of the country to fulfill the broken promises of Alpha Condé, reports through its journalists who followed the demonstration.

For the first time in several years in Mandiana, the Guinean tricolor (Red-yellow-green) replaced yellow (the traditional color of Alpha Condé’s party, the RPG) in a demonstration of rejoicing. This Friday, dozens of young people took to the streets to show their support for the CNRD. From the youth center to the administrative block of the prefecture, via the patriarch of Mandiana, the city’s large market, the young people delivered a real show of force to express their support for the ideals of the National Rally Committee and the Development.

On behalf of this jubilant crowd, Mamady Balbo Diakité, the prefectural director of youth of Mandiana, called on the CNRD to fulfill the broken promises of former President Alpha Condé.

“As you know, Mandiana is a strategic prefecture geographically and democratically. It borders with two countries (Mali and Ivory Coast) which are under threat of terrorist attacks and the high mobility of citizens who come in search of gold. This is why we, the young people of Mandiana, ask the prefect of Mandiana to pass on this plea to the president of the CNRD: the completion of the Kankan-Mandiana road, the completion of the bridge over the Sankarani river, the creation of jobs for young people, the completion of the new site of the Markandji Diallo military camp, ”said Mamady Balbo Diakité.

After having listened to the young people, the new prefect of Mandiana, Colonel Mamady Dembélé, promised to take this plea back to whom it may concern. The prefectural authority also asked the young people of Mandiana to join hands for the development of this prefecture.

“We are happy with the speech of the prefectural director of the youth of Mandiana, he spoke about the development of Mandiana. The junta that has taken power is the youth; and, we are there for the development of Mandiana. We will escalate your request to whom it may concern. But, what do we want? We want peace so that the development advocated can go forward. We want cohesion and understanding between the young people of Mandiana, “said Colonel Mamady Dembélé.

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