Apart from all over the place in this semi-final! Smalling takes a yellow for a sole on Fernandes. Previously, Lindelof came very close to a foul in the position of last defender against Mkhitaryan …

And here is an opportunity for Roma! Pellegrini infiltrates to the left of the area but lacks his transmission for Dzeko, what a pity!

Another double opportunity for the Red Devils, through McTominay! His dangerous cross on the ground drags in the box but is not caught by any partner, before his head misses the target!

New opportunity for United. Superb exterior from Fernandes’ foot for Rashford’s header, finally ahead. The corner gives nothing but Manchester sets fire to the Roman camp.

The Uruguayan striker was served in an ideal position by Shaw! But, alone at the penalty spot, he expelled his attempt in the stands of Old Trafford!

Very avoidable foul of the Frenchman, who leaves his hand trailing while Cristante grabbed the ball. Yellow card also. This semi-final is stretched …

Victim of a big tackle from Villar, who coped with a logical yellow, Pogba stayed several seconds on the ground but can finally take his place.

AT?? the offside limit, Fernandes serves Cavani in the counter area, El Matador places his ball in Mirante’s skylight, it’s magnificent!

As a reminder, Paulo Fonseca made his three changes in the first half. The Portuguese coach could still coach at the break but this is not the case. Rome will have to finish with these eleven men.

Manchester United have 45 minutes left to hope to turn the situation around and take a step towards the final!

English clubs are not celebrating this early evening. Arsenal are also led, by two goals, on the lawn of Villarreal in the other semi-final first leg of the Europa League.

The giallorosso club are the first team to make 3 changes before the break in the Europa League, in their new format.

Surprised in Manchester, it is an ultra realistic Roma who leads 2 goals to 1! La Louve nevertheless lost Veretout, Lopez and Spinazzola to injury and could lack freshness at the end of the game.

Ibanez completely misses his pass in these last seconds which benefits Cavani, but the Uruguayan striker misses his face to face with Cristante before stumbling on Smalling!

United ends this first act in the Roman camp. The visitors’ defense is doing well for the moment in stemming the Mancunian attack, which can sometimes seem a little forgiven.

With these repeated stoppages, the fourth referee has additional time of 5 minutes in this first period.

Despite blatant domination, Manchester United is not doing it. Cavani and Rashford combine but fail to dodge the goal kick.

New injury for the Louve! We hadn’t seen him coming, but Spinazzola came off the pitch, replaced by Peres. Fonseca has therefore just completed his third changeover session and should no longer be able to coach, except during the break.

Fonseca’s men scored 2 goals having attempted only 2 shots since the start of the game.

Served in full surface by Mkhitaryan, Pellegrini manages to serve Dzeko at close range! The Bosnian center-forward scores in front of De Gea with great success!

Another interesting set-piece for United and Fernandes, this time from a close angle. But the Portuguese center only finds the opposing defense, which avoids the danger.

New rough contact in midfield, between two strong, Dzeko and Maguire. What to knock back the referee of the meeting …

Already a second injury change for the Italian team. In goals, Lopez is therefore replaced by Mirante.

The Spanish goalkeeper wants to stay on the pitch but is invited by his staff to leave the pitch for treatment. The game can’t resume, of course.

After Veretout, it was the turn of the Roma goalkeeper to stay on the ground after a pain in the shoulder resulting from a nice flight, on a distant attempt by Pogba.

Magnificent foray by Rashford, with passings of the legs, before serving Fernandes who tries his luck, without enthusiasm or success.

Very good free kick for the Mancuniens 25 meters from the goal of Roma, slightly off-center on the right. Fernandes’ attempt passes the wall but ends well above Lopez’s cage.

Magnificent opening by Pogba, yet jostled by Villar, for Rashford. The England international loses possession and Roma can withdraw, temporarily.

The scorer’s cross was worked and curled, but Lopez can grab the ball without difficulty. The game has leveled off for a few minutes.

Never endangered by this Roman team, Manchester United was surprised with a questionable penalty, then Pogba seemed to have touched the ball from another part of the body before hitting his hand …

De Gea started on the safe side but is too short to fend off the Italian midfielder’s attempt, 1-1!

The referee takes his time before validating the penalty for a hand from Pogba on a slipped tackle!

Beaten on this high-class collective action, the Romans are seriously behind in this semi-final …

What a triangle game between Pogba, Cavani and Fernandes rewarded by the Portuguese’s perfect kid! It’s wonderful and it’s been 1-0 for the Red Devils!

After a first intrusion into the Roman area, it was the Red Devils who started the game better and monpolized possession in this start.

After trying to return briefly to the pitch, the French midfielder is forced to return to the locker room, hit in the back of the thigh and replaced by Villar.

Veretout is already injured! The former Nantes player stops playing, throws the ball in touch and receives treatment from his staff. Comforted by Pogba, he will already have to give up his place …

The 22 actors will soon leave the locker room. Manchester meeting start imminent!

The two teams are currently warming up on the lawn of Old Trafford. Kick-off of this semi-final in 20 minutes!

Like Mkhitaryan, the English central defender of Roma is returning to his former team this evening. Between 2010 and 2019, Smalling played 323 games with Manchester United and notably won 2 English league titles, 1 Cup and also 1 Europa League, in 2017.

The Italian club remain on 7 consecutive eliminations against English teams in European competitions. The most recent dates back to the semi-final of the Champions League in 2018 against Liverpool (2-5, 4-2).

To make matters worse, Manchester United has not lost any European semi-final at home since 1997 (4 wins, 3 draws).

Substitute tonight with Roma, Spanish striker Borja Mayoral has scored 7 goals in the Europa League this season, the best total tied with Lille’s Yusuf Yazici.

The Norwegian technician spoke before the match on the meeting and the positioning of the French midfielder:

“This team played very well previously, they are experienced and can make a difference. It’s a big game for us. Pogba played very well At Tottenham he’s already played on the left at Juventus He’s very physical and can dictate the pace of the game Winning something is a step, a trophy can change the mood of the locker room “.

Small update on the situation of the two teams. The Romans remain in four games without a win (2 draws, 2 losses) and are only 7th in Serie A with 5 days from the end of the championship.

On the other side, the Red Devils are still runners-up to Cityzens in the Premier League and remain on a streak of 5 wins and 1 draw.

The other semi-final first leg of this Europa League, which pits Villarreal against Arsenal, can also be seen on our channels (RMC Sport 2) as well as in our live commentary.

Paulo Fonseca will be deprived of Pedro and Mancini but may well align Dzeko at the forefront of his attack. Roma will evolve with a defense at 3.

No major surprise in the eleven of Solskjaer, still deprived of Martial and Jones. Pogba will play at the left midfielder.

De Gea – Shaw, Lindelof, Maguire, Wan-Bissaka – McTominay, Fred – Pogba, Rashford, Fernandes – Cavani

Welcome to RMC Sport to experience the Europa League semi-final first leg between Manchester United and AS Roma live. The kick-off will be at 9 p.m. Old Trafford.

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