According to an exclusive report by the Guardian’s Jamie Jackson, Manchester United lost a £ 200 million training kit sponsorship deal as a result of the protests against the Glaser.

The Guardian found out through sister publication The Observer, Manchester-based The Hut Group (THG) was concerned about fan boycotts of the club’s commercial partners.

The club’s executive director, Richard Arnold, was told that THG had gone out of business on Friday. The contract was due to start July 1.

The Guardian reports that the branding of Myprotein, a THG company, will appear on the club’s training kit, replacing AON as a sponsor of the Carrington training grounds.

One Large numbers of United supporters stormed the Old Trafford pitch last Sunday, which ultimately led to the postponement of the clash against main rivals Liverpool.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is hoping this will have no impact on the side’s transfer or wage budget .

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Ownership of Glazer has already been frowned upon by fans for having incurred debts in recent years that they left for their own gain and lack of investment in the club.

After the decision to join the club in To enter the European Super League, they are now certified villains by almost all fans, risking the famous Red Devil story for financial gain.

The Guardian reports that THG has been aware of the backlash from the club’s commercial partners ” was surprised ”. An anonymous fan group has also launched a “NOTAPENNYMORE” campaign against them.

It was added that an open letter was written to supporters asking them to purchase the products from kit manufacturer Adidas, watchmaker TAG This year and the chocolate king Cadbury not for sale.

With United’s contract with AON expiring on June 30, the club is now facing a serious race against time to land another deal that may not be of similar value is like the one proposed by THG and Myprotein.

If you hit the club’s possession where it really hurts, the bags could trigger some much-needed changes but lead to massive losses in the short term.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hopes that an alternative business of the same value can be found, if not, the financial loss could filter down the entire club and risk transfer and wage budgets or even close Always – employees could be endangered.