Recruited for nearly 117 million euros last summer by Manchester City, Jack Grealish has changed dimension. Adored by fans and technical leader at Aston Villa, the winger (26) has discovered a new world in the wake of the Euro he played with England. The opportunity to discover for example the Champions League, a competition “completely different from the Premier League”, which makes him “pinch” when he hears the anthem.

But Jack Grealish also experienced the much greater expectations placed on him, him the flagship rookie of the Cityzens’ last transfer window. His record is currently 3 goals and 3 decisive assists in 20 games played. “I’ve done well so far. I have so much more to give. It’s been so much harder than I thought,” Grealish admitted in an interview with Sky Sports. I’m still learning and adapting. I’ve heard that some people take a year to adjust here, so -being it will be the same for me. I want to score more and give more assists here ‘next year. “

The former Aston Villa captain is now under the command of Pep Guardiola, who punished him on December 19, leaving him on the bench with his teammate Phil Foden. The Spanish technician did not appreciate the state of his players during training the day after a meeting against Leeds, where the two men celebrated the large victory ( 7-0) in a nightclub.

“It’s crazy because the standards here are so high on and off the pitch,” Jack Grealish said. “It’s amazing and that’s why they’ve been so successful over the years. Having such a high price means that when you go through a time of scarcity people wonder if your transfer was worth it I understand that, I have to see it as a privilege for me and I hope I can repay my prize with goals and trophies. “

Motivated by the idea of ​​winning the Champions League with Manchester City, Jack Grealish relishes the idea of ​​playing “brilliant football” with his teammates. Premier League leader after 18 days, with three points ahead of Liverpool, Manchester City will receive Leicester (10th) this Sunday for Boxing Day (4pm), before concluding their year on Wednesday (9.15pm) in moving to Brentford.