The Blues win this general repetition of the Champions League final and delay the coronation of Manchester City with a goal in the last moments! The Cityzens had nevertheless opened the scoring and could have led by two goals at half-time if Agüero had not spoiled a penalty. But Thomas’ men have found the resources to come back and strike a blow!

The Blues crucify City in the last moments with a goal from Marcos Alonso! Werner crosses back from the penalty spot and the Blues fullback comes in to beat Mendy with some success. Unbelievable !

Sterling packs up in the depths and is pushed around by Zouma behind his back. Nothing, said the referee!

The young Englishman cuts a cross from Gundogan at the near post, but his recovery is a little too crossed. Mendy looked beaten!

Sterling had been found on the side but the Frenchman intervened on a tackle as sumptuous as it was authoritative.

James, decidedly untenable in his right lane, crosses in front of the goal. Odson-Hudoi cuts the line and deceives Ederson, but he was offside! It’s getting hot for City.

The Blues striker, found in depth, had managed to dribble Ederson. But he was largely offside from the start of the action.

The Brà © silien is found in transition on a long cross of Mendy. He decides to go alone, transplanted in the axis and strikes at the entrance to the surface. But it lacks the frame.

It’s complicated for the Skyblues since the start of the second half. We’ll have to spend the second to get the title tonight!

James’ strong cross at ground level in front of goal The German throws himself to cut the trajectory but he does not stretch his leg at the right time. Terrible!

Corner for City fired by the Chelsea defense. The City midfielder is on the second ball full axis entering the box but his shot flies in the sky of Manchester.

If the score stays there, the Cityzens could not celebrate the title tonight. For their part, the Blues would take a valuable point in the race for the Champions League.

The Blues come back to the score thanks to Ziyech! Azpilicueta set back in the axis at 20 meters for the Moroccan, who chained control and struck in the small net of Mendy. Everything has to be redone for City!

The Blues are in number in the area of ​​City. The ball reached James within 20 meters, but the Englishman’s strike was blocked by Benjamin Mendy. Behind, Pulisic also tries his luck from afar, but the frame unwinds.

Apart from a few forays by the Cityzens in the first moments of this second period, we haven’t had much to eat for several minutes. That’s all City business …

The Blues, who were on a par with the Cityzens until the opener, are now dominated.

Found on a long deep opening, Torres backs up for Agüero who strikes first. It’s directly on Ederson.

Found in the area, the German got into a striking position at a very tight angle but couldn’t find the frame.

In this completely crazy end of the first, the defenseman of the Blues gave way to Zouma. He got injured on his missed intervention which brought in Sterling’s goal.

The second period has kicked off! Will the Blues manage to come back and delay the Cityzens title?

If the score stays there, the Cityzens would be crowned champions of England. But the penalty missed in added time by Agüero could cost them dearly.

We were bored for 44 minutes before a crazy first period end! City, so harmless, opened the scoring with Sterling after a missed intervention from Christensen. In the seconds that followed, Agüero completely missed his panenka from the penalty spot.

The Argentinian tries a panenka … but he misses his gesture and Edouard Mendy quietly captures the ball!

The game gets underway just before the break thanks to Sterling! Christensen completely missed his intervention on a deep opening and was stolen the ball by Jesus. The Brazilian crosses back towards Agüero, who is slightly out of control, but Sterling unwraps behind his back and pushes the ball into the net!

The Blues forward attempts a curled shot from 20 yards that forces Ederson to relax to get the ball out.

The French side of City put a little too much intention in this center, which ends directly in touch on the other side.

But the Englishman’s shot is not powerful enough to worry Edouard Mendy, who lies quietly on the ball.

Even if Chelsea are getting more and more urgent, Ederson and Mendy still have not been called upon.

It finally combines in the last 30 meters for Chelsea. Pulisic and Werner manage to find each other, but the last pass is still missing.

Found in the truth zone, the Englishman wants to play with Aguero, but his pass is uncertain.

The Chelsea defense won on the first, while Edouard Mendy easily catches the ball on the second.

Ziyech launches the German into space. Ederson comes out to meet him and the touch of the ball of the Blues striker is too long.

The two goalkeepers haven’t had much to do since the start of the game. Rather logical for the two best defenses in the championship.

Benjamin Mendy is busy on his left side. The ball reaches Rodri who tries his luck, full axis, at 35 meters. It is countered.

Kante causes Sterling’s ball loss within 25 yards. By wanting to recover the ball, the Englishman makes a mistake on Werner. Free kick entering the area to follow!

Chelsea are doing everything they can to get the ball out cleanly, but Pep Guardiola’s men’s work is a big hindrance to the Blues.

The French side is the first to arrive on a second ball and tries his luck from outside the box. His cross strike goes sideways.

Ferran Torres escapes on the left side but is caught by a good return from Rudiger in the box. The Cityzen’s strike, at the end of the race, was largely missed.

Kick-off is on the lawn of the Etihad Stadium. In just over 90 minutes, the Cityzens can be crowned champions of England if they are successful, while the Blues are playing big in the Champions League race.

Three weeks ago, the Blues beat Pep Guardiola’s men in the FA Cup semi-finals thanks to a goal from Ziyech (1-0). During this meeting, De Bruyne was notably released through injury, 11 days before the Champions League first leg against PSG. For the rest that we know …

In addition to delaying the coronation of the Cityzens, the Blues (4th) must at all costs bring back points from the Etihad Stadium under penalty of seeing West Ham (5th) return on their heels. Before this 35th day, Thomas Tuchel’s men are only three points ahead of the Hammers.

This shock is much more than an overarching repeat of the upcoming Champions League final. If they win, the Cityzens could no longer be joined by United and would be officially crowned champions of England.

As Chelsea qualified for the Champions League final on Wednesday night by taking out Real Madrid, Thiago Silva stopped at RMC Sport to talk about this performance, Thomas Tuchel, and more or less directly from PSG.

The Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City is set to take place at Istanbulâ € ™ s Atatürk Stadium on 29 May. But the United Kingdom, whose health situation has improved significantly, says it is ready to host the meeting.

The two teams had an exceptional week by pocketing their ticket for the final of the Champions League (May 29 in Istanbul). The Cityzens took out PSG (2-0; 2-1 in the first leg), while the Blues dominated Real Madrid (2-0; 1-1 in the first leg).

Welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the match between Manchester City and Chelsea live and in full, counting for the 35th day of the Premier League. Kick-off at 6.30 p.m.!

Manchester City-Chelsea live: the Blues win in the dying seconds and delay the coronation of the Cityzens