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CEBU CITY – A man who supposedly acts as an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was caught on video beating another person in a rage that went viral on the internet.

NBI Central Visayas is already investigating the incident to determine if the man is in Video really belongs to their employees.

“I saw the video yesterday and immediately checked with my officers and employees and found that there was no one among them en was involved. Unfortunately, none of them can identify this person in the video, ”said Renan Oliva, regional director of NBI 7.

The victim, Marvin Lobitana, a 34-year-old baker, appeared in front of NBI 7 headquarters on Monday and filed a complaint.

In an interview with a local radio station, Lobitana said the incident occurred along the AS Fortuna Street in Mandaue City around 7 a.m. on Sunday when he and his colleague were on their way to their office after delivering bread on board a tricycle.

Lobitana admitted that the tricycle’s steering mechanism was defective, which caused it to suddenly deflect uncontrollably.

Lobitana said when he passed the four bikers, the woman yelled at her that she was almost wiped sideways.

Lobitana said when she was leaving for traffic stopped, one of the men confronted them and suddenly hit him twice.

Lobitana said the man hit him twice on the head, but only the second hit was videotaped.

Lobitana said it was unlikely that he would meet the man’s companion and insisted that there was enough distance between the tricycle and the cyclist at the time of overtaking.

“Sige bunotan tika, lungagan tika sa ulo (try to fight and I’ll shoot you in the head) “, quote rte Lobitana the man.

A viewer who was filming the incident was approached by one of the men and instructed to delete the video.

“He said he was an NBI agent and ordered that Have the video deleted, “said Lobitana.

” We definitely do not tolerate this behavior. I have also directed my agents to investigate this matter as this person could also be involved in other criminal activities such as extortion and illegal drugs, ”Oliva said.