A crude testimony. Without filter or wooden tongue. Samir Nasri returned in detail and with a smile on his visit to Manchester City on “The Big Five” broadcast on Canal. The former midfielder has been alongside Roberto Mancini for almost two seasons with the Skyblues (2011-2013). And the relationship has been particularly strained between the French international and the Italian coach. To the point of turning squarely into a clash.

“With four days to go until the end of the championship, we’re playing for Wolves,” said Nasri. “I’m on his side and he just talks the whole game. In the first half, I turn and I say to him: “Stop talking. I’m not a PlayStation. If you’re not happy, you take me out and bring someone in.” other. But stop talking to me! ”The ball comes, he says to you:“ Control, no dribble, no do that ”. is goodâ ?? ¦ So I say to him: “Stop talking to me.”

“We go back to the locker room at half-time. I was prepared, I had taken off my crampons. There was Yaya Touré next to me. I told him: â ???? Yaya, if he talks badly to me, I throw a crampon at him! Â ???? Because he used to run out of respect and speak badly to the players. Yaya says to me: â ???? But no, he is not going to tell you anythingâ ????. I say: â ???? I will go out, it is Sure. Seeing how I spoke to him, I’m sure I’m going out… But the coach doesn’t tell me anything, I come back in the second half and score. We win 2-0 and when I score I still give a little sign (he puts his finger to his mouth, editor’s note) â ????. “

After the meeting, Mancini comes to slip a word to Nasri. “When we arrive at the training center, I go down the stairs, he is behind me and he kicks me gently in the ass, explains the native of Marseille, who has hung up the crampons last summer. And he said to me: “Tomorrow, we will discuss”. I answer: “Yeah, no problem”. come the next day to practice. We have a meeting of at least 45 minutes in his office. He explains to me that if I want to? ??? being a great player I have to listen to him and if I just want to be a good player I just keep doing what I do because he knows football very well apparently better than everyone else. I don’t say anything, I let him speak. “

The following week, City prepare for a decisive derby against United. And the situation gets out of hand with a tactical set-up. “Mancini tells me to defend in a certain way and David Platt, his deputy, tells me to do otherwise, recalls Nasri, now 34 years old. ???? Listens to David Platt and Mancini starts talking to me. He insults me in Italian but I understand his insults. So I insult him too. He says: â ??? ? Get out of the workout. I take off my bib, throw it away and go out. I go to the locker room but I don’t go home. wait because I have to talk to him, that’s too much. “

Furious, the midfielder waits a long time, before going in search of his coach in the halls of the training center. Well decided to explain: “I’m going to his office but he’s not there. Mister was doing sit-ups in the gym. Jâ ??? I had the hatred. I go to see him and I say to him: “Come on let’s talk” He said to me: “No, we are not going to talk. ©, you are nervous, there is nothing good that will come out of this discussion .. he was not wrong. I said to him: â ???? No, no, you get up and you come… So he gets up and tries to take me by the arm. I’m not Mario (Balotelli) me, because between them, it was normal. We go into the locker room, he starts to scream, me too. ??? insult of all names. These kids were playing on reserve and often came to train with us. I said to him: â ???? Your children, I will catch them in the parking lot… I’m going home. Patrick (Vieira) had a role of ambassador to the club. He comes up to ??? At home to see me. He said to me: “I said, don’t talk to him, he’s crazy”.

Despite this manly clash, Nasri keeps playing time thanks to the intervention of Khaldoon Al Mubarak, the president of the club: “When I come back, there is a set-up and I am sure. the bench against United. I have a hatred… The president is from Abu Dhabi. He says to me: “So you are going?” And he said in front of Mancini: â € œIf heâ € ™ s in good shape, we’re winning this weekendâ €. ??? have rejoined the team. “

“After United, we play at Newcastle, he continues. We win but I block the blow. We really weren’t talking to the manager so I called his assistant and I said: â ?? ?? I’m going to Paris to see my osthà © oâ ????. He says to me: â ???? Go see the coach, it’s okay, make peace. I tell him: “No”. I have to take a plane. Mancini’s steward calls me and says: “What time is your plane?” ??? I said to him: “Tomorrow morning” He said to me: “Ok, can the coach get on the plane with you? ??? I say to him: â ???? No, he does not go up with me. He says to me: â ?? Come on, go ahead. He wants to take the plane, then he goes to Milanâ € ”I say: â € œHe gives me half of what I paid and he gets on the planeâ ??? The next day he came. He gave me my pennies. We were sitting face to face. And for forty minutes there was a blank, we didn’t. not said a word, finally a physiotherapist made a joke to start the discussion. And we made peace. “

To the point of ending up appreciating over time: “We did a season after together. When he returned to Inter, he called me. When he went to the Zenith he tried to call me again Yes because at the end of the season with City a lot of players went to the management to complain about him. And I told him it to his face. When the management came, I said I had no problem with him. He liked it and he told me he prefers decent people over deceitful people. And since then we’ve always gotten along well. Nickel. “

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