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Issa Kaou N’Djim 4th vice-president of the National Transitional Council (CNT, the Transitional Parliament), arrested Tuesday, October 26 at the request of the prosecutor of Commune 4 of Bamako, was indicted Thursday for “disturbing public order and damage to the State’s credit ”. He will be judged this Friday according to a procedure of flagrante delicto.

Before entering the courtyard of Bamako civil prison after his indictment, Issa Kaou N’Djim whispered, a bit fatalistic according to a witness: “All that God does good” …

Moments before, he was before the tribunal of Commune 4 of Bamako, whose prosecutor Idrissa Hamidou Touré, is currently one of the most feared men in the Malian capital. It was one of his deputies who indicted the 4th vice-president of the National Transitional Council, the legislative body, with “disturbing public order and damaging the state’s credit.”

The case begins at the beginning of last July. In one of his favorite social media outings, Issa Kaou N’Djim criticized the Malian transitional authorities.

He officially supports the president of the transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, whom he describes as “unperturbed”, but is very critical of Prime Minister Choguel Maïga who for him “is not the man for the job. “.

Kaou N’Djim’s last outing before his arrest is still a sharp criticism against the head of the Malian government after Mali’s decision to declare “persona non grata” the ECOWAS special representative in Mali.

Issa Kaou N’Djim’s lawyer, Mr. Kassoum Tapo, denounces an “arbitrary” arrest because, according to him, his client is covered by parliamentary immunity.

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