Each season, the haute-couture fashion and beauty shows set the tone for the clothes, but also the makeup that will be all the rage in the months to come. This fall and winter, we are focusing on more classic makeup by returning to the sure values ​​that can be worn with a touch of originality … but beware, no exaggerated extravagance!

Blue is the color that everyone enjoys this season. Beautiful frank and intense blues that will be on all the eyelids of fashionistas! In blush, eyeliner or a little faded, this is the most daring shade this season. To avoid overabundance, we associate it with a nude lipstick.

This season, black comes in many ways! First, the under eyeliner which has its little artistic and a little punk side. For its part, the black smokey, intense or lighter, is still trendy. Finally, the sixties eyeliner line, with the well-marked comma, is still popular.

On the complexion side, we focus on a perfect nude to give the illusion of a 100% natural complexion. The thing? Subtly erase small imperfections, such as redness, pimples and dark circles. It is possible to cover everything with an even foundation. The contouring is finished. This season, the “natural” complexion is a must!

Timeless, carmine red automatically gives a sophisticated style to a look that is a little too ordinary. Sexy, glamorous and refined!

After several seasons of bright cheeks and eyelids, it’s the mouth’s turn to sparkle. Goodbye dull lips. We now prioritize shine.

To wear like in the 90s. That is, a brown lipstick with a slightly darker lip liner. If your undertone is cool, go for browns with a brick red highlight. If your complexion is rather warm, go for a brown with an orange or golden undertone.

The trend is not weakening. The eyebrow is worked with meticulousness to accentuate its presence and strengthen the facial features. Sometimes powdered, often structured with a gel and even finely drawn, the eyebrows should not be neglected in our beauty routine.

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