There may be a coronavirus problem in Leicester City. Maddison, Choudhury and Ayoze were left out of the squad shortly before the kick-off of the game against West Ham United and the only specific information on this comes from ‘The Sun’. The newspaper reports that the three players did not follow the anti-COVID-19 protocol.

Brendan Rodgers, their coach, did not confirm this when asked about it. According to the same source, the coach simply said his players were not available for the game, although he indicated that they would be back next week.

A spokesperson for the ‘Foxes’ whose words ‘Sun’ also relayed said, in contrast: “It is extremely disappointing to learn of the existence of an offense which could undermine the club’s efforts to protect the environments in which our teams train and play “.

“Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent the bubbles of our teams from being compromised,” he added. The latter refers to the type of concentration that teams and staff undertake to ensure that there is not the slightest risk of contagion during their gatherings.

Gary Lineker, a former player and famous commentator for channels like ‘Sky Sports’, commented on the situation on his Twitter profile. He says he hopes this news will not be confirmed, although he has admitted that he believes that, probably, it will eventually be known to be true.