This Monday, November 29, TF1 is broadcasting M’abandonne pas, a touching TV movie on the fate of Achilles, a placed child, and his unstable mother. The latter is brilliantly interpreted by Manon Azem, a face that will not be unknown to you.

There are faces and actors that we often meet on TV, that we appreciate, but that we ultimately know little about. This is the case of Manon Azem. In the new unpublished TV movie from TF1, M’abandonne pas, broadcast Monday, November 29, we follow Achilles’ path. Barely 13 years old, he has been in foster care from an early age. Interpreted by Maxime Bergeron, he crosses paths with Michaël Youn as an overinvested educator and Fauve Hautot – who exchanged tender words with his partner following his victory in Dance with the Stars – as a comprehensive foster mother. But among all these familiar faces, it is Manon Azem that stands out for its presence and the accuracy of its interpretation. Who is this young actress with an already busy career?

At only 31 years old, Manon Azem is no longer a beginner with a CV that many actresses would envy. In the second half of the 2000s, it was at the age of 16 that Manon Azem made a name for herself with her role as Dunk in the series Too much class! from Disney Channel. After a few secondary roles in webseries and in the cinema, it is finally with Research Section – whose final episode is being filmed – that the young woman arrives on the front of the screen. From 2012 to 2016, she played the adjutant Sara Cazanova, a loyal collaborator of Xavier Deluc, who has since become a key member of Demain belongs to us.

Her career does not end there as she has since played Malika, a hot-blooded prisoner in The Trapped, the M6 ​​series, and also held one of the main roles in the film Gangsterdam, alongside Kev Adams. But the most surprising information concerning Manon Azem is, and will certainly remain, that concerning her participation in Harry Potter. Indeed, the young woman lent her voice from the age of 11 to Emma Watson, thus becoming the official voice of Hermione Granger in France for all the films of the franchise. She is still the official voice of the actress in France to this day. A passion for the game that she also shares in life with her companion, Vinnie Dargaud, alias Léo in Scènes de households.

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