Dan Allman, founder of the only Cinema and Miniature Museum in the heart of Old Lyon, announced on social media this weekend. I decided to use a relay at Julian Dumont, so I sold it with a change of structure (“Collector Friend”).

The unique museum has a large collection of rare movie artifacts (Madame Doutfire masks, Back to the Future shoes, Mary Poppins umbrellas, etc.) and special and miniature effects. He opened it in 1989.

Museum of Cinema and Miniature of Lyon, 60 rue Saint-Jean (Lyon 5th). Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Site: https://www.museeminiatureetcinema.fr/

Source link Lyonnais.Dan Allman, the founder of the Cinema and Miniature Museum, passes the baton

Ref: https://francenewslive.com