Covid-19 patients are occupying more and more beds in Lyon hospitals, but it does not affect the proper functioning of the hospital for the moment, report the Hospices Civils de Lyon (13 establishments of the agglomeration) in a press release on Tuesday.

The number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 is increasing, as is the use of the emergency room and the number of calls to the SAMU for suspected Covid-19.

The overall occupancy rate for rehabilitation is 71.6%, of which 26.7% are Covid-19 patients. “The vast majority of patients hospitalized in critical care for Covid are unvaccinated people”, explains one to the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Finally, the incidence rate in the Rhine has increased tenfold between the first and the last week of July, from 36 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 319.

Young people are particularly affected by this fourth wave since they are less vaccinated: among 20-29 year olds, the incidence rate climbs to 789 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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