Decentralize its broadcasts in the field, many channels are doing it. CNews, via Jean-Marc Morandini’s show, chose to do it at la Guillotière, in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon.The district has been under the spotlight in recent months due to insecurity and incivility. collective “Angry Guillotière” had continued the state. But that the host of the show Jean-Marc Morandini invites an elected representative of the National Gathering, in this case Jordan Bardella, is it a provocation, knowing that other speakers are planned? We put the question to political scientist Daniel Navrot.

We are seeing a shallot race where the objective is to capture new viewers, to create a buzz. This buzz will be multiplied on social networks. The fact that Jean-Marc Morandini is doing the show with Jordan Bardella is very significant. He goes where there is a risk of an incident. It is a form of instrumentalization of an event, even a desire to create it. It is to add fuel to the fire. ”

A medium is free to make its emission where it wishes it. He is free to choose his guests. But the method questions.

In the 1980s, continues political scientist Daniel Navrot, in Canada, in the days of community and participatory media, there were what we called chair shows. These are on-set shows that could last for hours and were very inexpensive. But viewers got bored. The broadcasts began to take place in the field. In this case, at La Guillotière, the broadcast is in vivo, in the field, but in a tense context one can wonder ”.

The Daltons and the antifa threatened to disrupt the show. The police were therefore mobilized to secure the neighborhood and the show. ” The show is not really in vivo because the fact of having announced the show forced the authorities to secure, Daniel analyzes Navrot political scientist. The relationship between Jordan Bardella and the people he meets will not be natural but formatted. ”

Neither the Daltons nor the antifa rule the law, continues Daniel Navrot. But with this in situ show, Jean-Marc Morandini creates a complex situation. It’s a kind of trap where the situation is not clear, it is even very obscure. The responsibilities of each other are engaged and intertwined. Inviting Jordan Bardella (RN) is a political choice for CNews. He couldn’t invite Eric Zemmour, he had already done so in Drancy. Why have invited Jordan Bardella and not a candidate of LR or left? This is the general editorial line of the channel which does not necessarily mean support for a candidate. All the mainstream media make political choices, in the noble sense. There we are not in the nobility ”.