The mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, announces this Wednesday, June 30, the measures to “pacify” the district of Guillotière, and more particularly the place Gabriel Péri, on the edge of the 3rd and 7th arrondissements, source of all the tensions of the residents and traders. Problems of security, cleanliness, street vendors, harassment, gentrification … Place Gabriel Péri – also called Place du Pont – has been falling apart for at least twenty years. Those who live there where they work denounce an abandonment of the public authorities.

To answer this, the Lyon city hall has offered consultation workshops with the inhabitants, at least 110, to try to understand their needs and expectations. 50 proposals were therefore made. Grégory Doucet was accompanied by Fanny Dubot (mayor of the 7th), Véronique Dubois-Bertrand (mayor of the 3rd) and Béatrice Vessiller, vice-president of the Metropolis for town planning, to defend his project and answer questions under this consultation. A stormy evening where the tension of the residents was palpable.

-Ask the prefecture to strengthen the presence of the national police, day and night via an integrated security contract. Grégory Doucet explains that 560 PV of health measures and 86 arrests have taken place since January 2021.

– Intensify video-verbalization with regard to parking. As a reminder, 517 parking tickets have already been installed since the start of the year.

-Propose street vendors (of cigarettes, counterfeit products of all kinds) to move towards “legalization of their street vendor activity”, thanks to a typical “second-hand” market in a place that has not yet been defined. They will also be offered to reorient themselves professionally by being accompanied by social services.

-Open the “House of Projects”: a place to meet elected officials and municipal services, as well as to present exhibitions.

-Install the “Maison des Services Publics” in the old Clip, this building in the center of Place Gabriel Péri. The idea would be to offer mediation and social and professional support services for young people. The teams should be trained in migration issues.

-Experiment the pedestrianization of part of rue de Marseille in the 7th arrondissement from September, and study the possibility of doing the same in rue Paul Bert up to avenue de Saxe.

-Study the scenario of a separation of the tram stop with a Cours de la Liberté stop and another 7th arrondissement side.

-Destroy the “little Clip” during the next mandate (cost of the demolition estimated at 19 million euros).

-Development of an “Angela” network of benevolent traders who can help women victims of harassment in the street.

➡️ Our ambition: to give La Guillotière back its welcoming colors, its multicultural riches, in a peaceful and united living environment with @FannyDubot and @VDB. ⤵️