CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT. Although he became God’s successor after bringing Chloe back and forgiving his brother Michael, “Lucifer does not feel worthy of the job and tries to delay his promotion while clearing all his doubts and understanding what really means to be the Almighty.

But he is not the only one who doubts his future, Amenadiel has been accepted into the police force, but he must undergo training, in addition, he crosses the road of a racist detective from the past. Meanwhile, Maze and Eva organize their wedding and have some differences.

Meanwhile, an unknown angel descends into hell to find a way to assassinate Lucifer. He even takes Dan to earth as a ghost to get information on the best way to eliminate the devil. But who is this young woman?

This is Rory, the girl who abandoned Lucifer. Morningstar believes that is impossible and to prove that she is re-contacted with some of her ex-partners. However, upon discovering that Aurora is also Chloe’s daughter and that she has traveled from the future, she believes the only explanation for her abandonment is her murder.

Once again, Lucifer delays his promotion, this time to make things right with his daughter. First he tries to show her that he hasn’t given up on her and then he just wants to earn her forgiveness, but it’s not easy to deal with Rory, among others, as he has very pointed wings. Eventually he realizes that this is not his goal and Amenadiel becomes the God.

Lucifer tries to take advantage of what could be his last day on Earth, but Dan’s killer escapes from prison. It was actually Dan, who entered Le Dude’s body and then escaped. Before finally going to Heaven, Lucifer takes him to Trixie’s and after a strange, but moving moment, he releases his guilt.

However, when Dan leaves The Dude, he regains control of his body and knows how to kill Lucifer, so he kidnaps his daughter to reach her. His plan is to use Rory’s feathers against the being who he says has tortured him for a long time.

After hearing that Lucifer’s biggest fear is not watching his daughter grow up and lose her family, Rory breaks free and saves her father. But despite the danger that has arisen, Aurora does not return to his timeline, meaning he always abandons them. Because?

When Rory tried to murder The Dude, her father convinced her to control his anger and not let it get the better of her. This moment, added to the fact that everyone they know has made it from hell to heaven, helps him realize that this is his true goal and in order to achieve it he must leave his family.

Plus, Aurora understands that you have to endure her father’s abandonment and return to the past in search of revenge, so she makes them promise their parents that they won’t change a thing. When Rory returns to his timeline, he holds the hand of his elderly mother, who says goodbye to him with the promise of being on “the other side.” Finally, Chloe and Lucifer reunite to spend eternity together.

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