In an interview with Marca, the Spanish sports daily, Mauricio Gonzalez, Lucas Hernandez’s lawyer, defended his client on Friday in his domestic violence case on Friday. He denounces “falsehoods” in the file, and ensures that the French side had already served his sentence.

Mauricio Gonzalez, Lucas Hernandez’s lawyer, defended his client in the 2018 gender-based violence case, in an interview with Marca. He denounces “falsehoods” in the file, and ensures that the French side had already served his sentence

Hernandez, convicted in 2018 of “failing to comply with a removal order for domestic violence,” appeared on October 18 with a day early in a Madrid court to be served with his committal order. His lawyer says the Bayern Munich defender had already served the sentence, denouncing the “lies” that were leaked against his client.

“I find it surprising that it is pointed out that Lucas avoided jail, because the headline should be that the Provincial Hearing overturned a decision clearly unfair against my client and which involved his imprisonment,” he explains. he. We have remained silent in the face of all comments, but truthful information about the proceedings has not been addressed. “

The lawyer clarifies his reservations. “The first approximation is that Lucas has not served the sentence imposed and this is false because he served his 31-day sentence for the benefit of the community (community service), working with an association from 2017,” Gonzalez continues. This sentence is no longer on the record, this criminal record has been erased. The second mistake is that Lucas Hernández had two convictions for such violence, but that never happened. It was an isolated incident that happened when he was 21, he matured personally and it did not happen again. “

Me González considers that the judge’s decision could have been a brake following the career of Lucas Hernández. “The imprisonment would have ended his sports and personal career,” said the lawyer. The Provincial Hearing proved us right, there is no further appeal against this ordinance and we want to close this chapter after avoiding the unjust imprisonment of Lucas. “

With Lucas Hernandez facing a six-month prison sentence, Spanish courts on Wednesday accepted the appeal filed by the player’s lawyers. The left side of Bayern Munich has also played in all the matches of the Bavarian club since the victory of the Blues in the League of Nations at the beginning of October, that is to say four games, and was again starting against the Union Berlin this Saturday afternoon in the Bundesliga .