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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) starts today, 28 October, with the gradual introduction of the 10-year license for qualified drivers.

LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante said the distribution of the license with extended validity will initially be distributed to the headquarters and licensing center in Quezon City is limited.

Galvante said this will serve as a trial run before moving to other areas in Metro Manila and the rest of the world next week s country in the following days.

According to Galvante, only drivers with zero violations are eligible for the new 10-year driver’s license, while those with recorded violations are entitled to the five-year driver’s license.

“Kung Kayo is not authorized to commit traffic violations and Hindi Kayo issues for the time you enjoyed the privilege of driving with a validity of 10 years. Kung can violate five years nec validity (if you have no violation or no quote, you can have the license with 10 year validity. If you have a violation you can only avail the five year license), “he stated.

The LTO chief previously said that extending the validity of the driver’s license by 10 years will serve as an incentive for drivers who strictly adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

The agency is currently implementing one Defect system under the Implementing Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Law No. 10930, which was signed by President Duterte in 2017 and extended the validity of driving licenses. classified; less severe (three disadvantages); and grave (five disadvantages).

According to the IRR, serious violations include driving a motor vehicle for inspection criminal offense, driving a Colorum vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Meanwhile, Galvante added that drivers who are about to renew their driver’s license must first complete a comprehensive driver education program (CDE) before they can do so can submit an application.