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We are not jostling in the polling stations in the Oise, as voters are called upon to nominate a successor to the late deputy, Olivier Dassault.

Could it be the good weather? The professions of faith arrived at the last minute? On Sunday noon, May 30, turnout is low for the by-legislative election in the 1st constituency of Oise, which is expected to find a successor to Olivier Dassault, who died on March 7 in a helicopter crash.

At noon, we have 140 voters out of 1254 registered, figure Charlotte Colignon – Duroyon, stationed at the sixth office in Beauvais, at the Paul-Eluard school, where Victor Habert-Dassault (LR), who is trying to succeed his uncle, must vote. We are at 11.16% participation, which is half the rate in 2017. “

A low turnout is never an asset for anyone, believes Roxane Lundy, Génération.s candidate, who voted at 10:45 a.m. at the Pré-Martinet office (photo). It is about democratic legitimacy. At this polling station, at 10 a.m., only 40 voters had turned up, up from 124 in 2017.

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