Jean-Daniel: Loneliness was starting to weigh on me, and my daughter regularly asked me why I did not register. I thought that could be a solution… When I heard that they were taking Swiss farmers, I went for it.

When speed dating, you appear to be full of humor and sensitivity. Does it reflect your personality?

Speed ​​dating is my favorite thing. You are in a very beautiful place, you are a bit like the king and the women are smiling at you. So I was very relaxed and didn’t force myself. It’s one of my fondest memories. However, my character isn’t all pleasant, and my vines aren’t always as beautiful as they look on the screen! (Laughs)

Love is in the meadow (M6) Vincent: “I didn’t want to be influenced by the physical”

Everyone has their tastes. Besides, I had told Karine that I couldn’t see myself living with someone who is a size 50. But a skinny woman who is as dumb as a broom doesn’t interest me either. The choice was not easy, as all the candidates were pretty.

He is interesting and likeable. It took me quite a bit of time too, being a very busy man professionally. However, I am not disappointed!

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