This is called starting a show on the hats of wheels. Literally. From the first images of the first episode of season 16 of “Love is in the meadow” broadcast this Monday evening on M 6 (after a special “What have they become?” Evening devoted to the former candidates last week), Karine Le Marchand’s foot decorated with large plastic flowers is obvious. The host appears onscreen in a wheelchair! Now fully recovered, the show’s captain was almost bedridden when the “speeds dating” was filmed last spring.

“I decided not to hide the reality and I did not want to postpone the shoots for that reason,” Karine Le Marchand assured us. And she explained it on the air, with her straightforward humor, her trademark. “Between two carrots and three leeks, I stayed in the theme and I just had my onion removed,” she quipped, showing her foot sealed in an imposing splint. So it is with a budding foot and on this flowery coach that I declare open the dating ceremony. “

In order to embrace this bias to show this handicap of a time until the end, the production had fun decorating its wheelchair with plastic flowers. And the least we can say is that they didn’t go with the back of a spoon. While waiting for Jean-Daniel, the Swiss candidate in love with his cow who seeks to rebuild himself in love, Karine Le Marchand appears in a seat whose decoration has nothing to envy to the most bucolic scenes of “Donkey skin”. Jacques Demy. Two enormous daisies adorn the middle of the two wheels, giving it the air of a festive carriage, while false green branches decorate the structure of the armchair.

A staging that did not fail to delight the suitors of Jean-Daniel, who greeted “Karine” pushed by a member of the team to applause accompanied by laughter. “Nothing will stop me from meeting you girls,” laughs Karine Le Marchand, laughing at her crippled situation. Isn’t that nice? In life, you have to assume! “

In addition, the evening was marked by Vincent le Provençal, the handsome kid of the season who discovered the faces of his contenders, he who had refused to see their photos so as not to be influenced by their physique. And in a completely different genre… Hervé le Picard. The young forty-something who has never known love had already made a huge impression on viewers when his portrait was released earlier this year. Always very close to his parents, the young dairy farmer promises to be one of the emblematic figures of this sixteenth season, with his kindness and his outspokenness.