Franck: Alone but with a faithful companion. From the start of the new season 16 of Love Is In The Pre airing on M6, regulars of the show were able to see the bond between Franck and his dog, Oregon.

A black Labrador with whom the peasant, in search of a story, revealed to have a very special relationship. And for good reason, he has acquired a surprising habit: that of vouvoyer his faithful companion. “I come from a bourgeois family, explains Franck. I accept it but I chose to live in nature, ”he said. But now, the nature fan has had a hard time watching the last episode of the dating show presented by the famous Karine Le Marchand.

In addition to being attacked for his passion for hunting, the peasant eventually found himself without a wife. Another concern, when Anne-Lise left, Franck appeared distant, apparently more concerned with his dog than the one who coveted him. This led to great criticism from viewers, who did not hesitate to denounce the fact that her dog was sleeping next to her. Reproaches that hurt the ex-non-commissioned officer in the army.

After the messages received by Franck, denouncing his love affair with Oregon, the 46-year-old farmer did not hesitate to put things right on his Instagram account on November 20. Indeed, the farmer told his community that the handler-dog bond is special.

“Some people don’t understand my feelings about Oregon and have been very critical of his sleeping on my bed. Let them live for years alone, with only a dog to talk to. They will see if they are not close to him. I assume this special love, which seems to bother some. Oregon, like any animal, feels emotions much more strongly than we do. Why should I, to please fools, show myself distant from my dog? He only knows love, does not say nasty things and does not write nonsense, “Franck noted on the famous social network. A very touching statement. Dogs indeed feel a real affection for their master and it is this affection that develops the bond between them.

For many years, the success of the show L’Amour est dans le Pré has not been denied. Every week, millions of people follow the adventures of these farmers in search of a soul mate. It’s often funny and touching. It must be said that the life of farmers is not easy.

Indeed, he works long hours every day and takes few vacations. The M6 ​​teams had the good idea to set up an amazing concept. Farmers looking for a mate are portrayed and then young women or men apply to meet the person in question.

The farmer must choose two suitors. Then there is a one-week period during which singles are immersed in the countryside. This is where things settle down. Some get closer and couples are born. Following this program, some got married and even children were born. This show presented by Karine Le Marchand has many fans.

The personality of Karine Le Marchand is an essential part of the success of the program. The young woman is very funny. Recently, on her Instagram account, the latter showed that a 17th season of Love is in the Meadow is being filmed right now. On Objeko we had the opportunity to tell you about it.

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