In an unprecedented documentary aired this Tuesday, November 23 on W9, Louane made moving statements about his deceased mother.

Louane lost both parents when she was only 17 years old. She has just made rare confidences about her mother Isabel, who fought for her.

Louane has been an orphan since she was 17, like her brother and her four sisters. Indeed, on February 20, 2013, his father Jean-Pierre Peichert, 59 years old, died after a long fight against the disease, just before his appearance in The Voice on TF1 which revealed him as a singer.

During a bonus, she had also made a tribute to her dad by singing Imagine by John Lennon. “It was his favorite song. He asked me to sing this song at his funeral and that’s what I did. Tonight I have to make my daddy proud, it would be the culmination of all these for me. weeks of work, “she said at the time.

A little over a year later, on April 28, 2014, Louane also lost her mother Isabel Pinto dos Santos, who also died from a serious illness. “My mother gave me a taste for work (…) And my father had a huge heart (…) I think about it every day, it’s normal. But I live with it. And I know that ‘they are there anyway, “said the 24-year-old in Sept à Huit in 2018.

In the unpublished documentary devoted to the life of Louane, broadcast this Tuesday, November 23 on W9, the singer, her relatives and her producer have made revelations about her personal life and more particularly about the family of the young woman. “Isabelle, her mother, never let go of me. If Anne was a volunteer, so was her mother and she was the first supporter, even the first groupie of her daughter,” says Bruno Berberes, casting director for The Voice , before adding: “And oh my God, she was right”.

“He was her manager, maybe the best she’s ever had. I check my emails every morning, and one day, I get an email from Isabelle who insists and sends me the video of his daughter “, then tells the casting director who wished to insist on the fact that Louane was very supported by his mother.