A few days before the start of the school year, morale is at half-mast for the little ones who are going back to school, as for the older ones who have to return to work. Is the return to the metro-work-sleep routine making you depressed and you are already dreaming of your next stay in the sun? This Monday, August 30, the Loto involved a jackpot of 21 million euros. Enough to allow you to go on vacation without further delay, and much more. Change car, invest in real estate, redo all of your decoration, cover your loved ones with gifts, take a sabbatical year to devote yourself to your passion … With such a sum in your bank account, all your dreams will finally be allowed. But for your wishes to come true, you still need to have ticked the right numbers on your grid.

Tonight, it was the former Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere who announced the results of the Loto draw on TF1. So, did this Monday August 30 bring you luck? To find out, get comfortable on your sofa, cross your fingers, and compare. To win the jackpot of 21 million euros involved, it was necessary to have ticked the following numbers: the 32, the 34, the 18, the 44, the 3 and the lucky number, the 9. It remains to be seen whether the Loto made a happy news or a happy news tonight.

Well no ! Unfortunately, no Frenchman has won the 21 million euros at stake on Monday, August 30. On the other hand, (…)

Love is in the pre-2021: why is Karine Le Marchand in a wheelchair during speed dating Cyril Hanouna discovers his wax statue for the Grévin Museum live in TPMP! (VIDEO) “It was hot”: Alexandre Astier reacts to the implementation of the health pass and its impact on Kaamelott: First Part in QuotidienTPMP: refusing the health pass, Fabrice Di Vizio forced to participate in the show. . outside ! (VIDEO) TPMP: who is Paolo Levi, the new columnist of the show? (VIDEO)

The United States said it launched a “defensive” strike against an explosives-laden vehicle that posed an “imminent threat” to the airport.

It’s back to school and the last vacationers are packing their bags. At the Saint-Charles station in Marseille, many crestfallen mines board the train to their homes. And some ex-vacationers are more spirited than others.

Love is in the Meadow, Season 16, Go! This Monday, August 30, M6 broadcast the first episodes of the dating show presented by Karine Le Marchand. An event commented on by Internet users, who reacted to the best moments of the evening on Twitter.

To fight against an increase in Covid-19 contamination, linked to the Delta variant, the Hebrew state has decided to allow all people aged 12 and over to receive a third dose of the vaccine.

On the occasion of his return to France 2, Laury Thilleman confided in his many projects. Is a baby one of his priorities? The former Miss responded in cash.

A dozen organizations – bringing together academics, lawyers, women’s and youth organizations – are calling on the population to demonstrate on Monday, August 30, across the country. They accuse the president and vice-president of plunging the country into chaos. Ten years after its independence, South Sudan is one of the poorest countries on the planet. 82% of the population live below the poverty line according to the World Bank, despite oil reserves and aid from the international community.

Since the announcement of the contestants for the upcoming Dance with the Stars season, fans of the show have been having fun creating couples while they wait for the official announcement! But the suspense is about to end for Inès Vandamme. This Sunday, August 28, the dancer has indeed announced that she will soon meet her partner!

Jean-Daniel is one of the farmers in the brand new season of Love is in the Meadow. And this Monday, August 30, on M6, the Swiss winegrower has already stood out … but not really for the right reasons.

In Lebanon, a former president of the Order of Pharmacists was detained in the fight against the illegal storage of drugs. This campaign comes as the country of the Cedar is facing a serious shortage of drugs that is endangering the lives of several hundred patients. Along with our correspondent in Beirut, Paul KhalifehRabih Hassouna, a party close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, was arrested after a search by the Liba army

Lionel Messi played his first minutes in the jersey of PSG, Sunday night in Reims.

Four weeks before the eagerly awaited federal elections in Germany, the three candidates vying for the chancellery clashed this Sunday evening during a televised debate. In recent days, the polls have given an advantage to Olaf Scholz’s SPD, which is now ahead of the other two parties. With our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibaut Two plus one. The debate between the three candidates was above all marked by lively exchanges between the Christian Democrat Armin Laschet and the Green

With global warming, the risks of extreme rainfall events are increasing in Europe. This is further confirmed by a study that looked more particularly at the torrential rains that hit Germany and Belgium last July.

YOU TESTIFY – Continue to take a drink? Allow the kids to go to bed late until Wednesday? Telecommuting in shorts and flip flops? How do you keep the holiday spirit alive a little?

The one who is described as “the greatest gossip of the English aristocracy” has once again struck! Lady Colin Campbell was once again very rude about Meghan Markle. In a Youtube video, the royal expert is not deadlocked.

Nathalie Rihouet has been working as a weather presenter on the Télématin plateau for more than thirty years. It all started when the latter was still just an anonymous student but already full of talent.

This Monday, August 30, 2021, Jessica Thivenin gave news of her daughter Leewane, born prematurely. The reality TV star has announced happy news about her.

HERE – Vincent Lagaf ‘in Camping Paradis: his little outing that Laurent Ournac might not like

While Laurent Gbagbo received representatives of the Wê people from the west of the country at his home in Mama, Pascal Affi N’Guessan traveled through his region of Moronou. A tour of “explanations” for the president of FPI-Legal, necessary after the clear break with the former head of state. With our correspondent in Abidjan, Pierre PintoPascal Affi N’Guessan completed his tour at home in Moronou this Sunday. Five days to explain to your “parents”, as they say in Côte d’Ivoire

This is an information that was relayed this Sunday, August 29: Greg Yega, the star of the Marseillais would have been the victim the day before of an assault at his home, in the Marseille city. Maeva Ghennam’s ex was surprised by two hooded, gloved, and armed men who broke in and stole money and watches from him after hitting him.

In exchange for training, associative commitments or even company immersion and follow-up, 1.4 million young people affected by the system will be able to receive up to 500 euros.

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